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FREE Unlimited data from Telstra this Sunday

Telstra flagship store in Melbourne
Telstra flagship store in Melbourne

It’s a “Happy Valentine’s Day” gift from Telstra to Telstra Australia’s mobile customers. Well, okay, maybe not quite a gift in a sense.

Telstra had a major outage yesterday due to human error that affected both voice and data services nation-wide. The error has been fixed but as a good gesture, Telstra will be throwing free, unlimited data to Telstra mobile customers this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

So, if you are planning a getaway with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, you are in good hands. Whether you are using Maps to guide your way, or checking best restaurants and lookouts along your route, there’s a guarantee that you will not be blowing your data limit after your trip is over.

Or if you have no plans or partner to share your day with, you can always enjoy the lightning fast 4G speed (that is far better than your ADSL2 connection) and ahem, make use of it in your own ways to download big patches, ISOs, or whatever you like.

News on the person responsible for the outage remains unknown at this stage, but I definitely do not want to be him or her…

Source: Telstra Exchange

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