USB Twistable 3-port Hub and All-in-one Card Reader Combo Review

DealExtreme USB Hub Card ReaderI was looking for a nice USB Hub with a card reader combo the other day and I found this on DealExtreme.

It’s called the USB Twistable 3-port Hub and All-in-one Card Reader Combo, valued at USD$14.

It’s coloured black and has a unique look. Does it do what the description says, though?



Overall Design

Overall, the design looks professional and doesn’t look like a cheap product or out-of-place on your computer table. The size is quite small and compact, so it is meant to be carried whenever you travel. 

It came with a nice tint box, making it easier to be carried on your bag. However, I don’t think it will fit your laptop bag, due to its size (thickness).

USB Hub and card reader combo box Gadget Box


It has a 3-port USB slots and it’s twistable, so you can plug your USB devices from different directions. Note that the twistable slots are not covering a 360 degrees arc (more like a 90 degrees cover range).

It also has a USB 2.0 interface, so you’ll get the most speed transfer out of it.

USB Card Reader

As the title says, it also servers as an all-in-one card reader. It supports:

  1. Compact Flash Type I Card
  2. Compact Flash Type II Card
  3. Compact Flash Ultra II Card
  4. Micro Drive Card
  5. Smart Media Card
  6. XD Card
  7. T-Flash Card
  8. Mini Secure Digital Card
  9. Secure Digital Card
  10. SDC Card
  11. SD Ultra Card
  12. HS – Multimedia Card
  13. Multimedia Card
  14. Multimedia Card II
  15. RS Multimedia Card
  16. Memory Stick Magic Gate Pro Duo Card
  17. Memory Stick Magic Gate Duo Card
  18. Memory Stick Pro Duo Card
  19. Memory Stick Duo Card
  20. Memory Stick Magic Gate Card
  21. Memory Stick Magic Gate Pro Card
  22. Memory Stick Pro Card
  23. Memory Stick Card

It actually only has a few card slots, but the same slot can be used by different types of memory cards. I haven’t tried them all but it certainly can read my SD (Secure Digital) card for my Canon Ixus well.

Card Slots


Overall, it’s slim and compact enough for a USB hub and card reader combo. There are no drivers needed to be installed and you can plug it to one of your USB slot to “turn it on”. It doesn’t require an external power whatsoever. I haven’t encountered any problems with it so far (I’ve been using it for a few months now). Overall, it’s a good quality all around product and if you are looking for a cheap USB Hub and Card Reader combo, then look no further and grab this little gadget!

For more details about the product, simply head to the USB Twistable 3 port Hub and All in one Card Reader Combo product page on DealExtreme.

+ Compact design
+ An always-ready card readers, handy if you like to take shots with your camera
+ Support quite a range of memory cards
+ Comes with a nice compartment box
+ Go along nicely on your computer table 

– A little bit pricey
– Only have 3 USB slots
– No external power option
– Not too sturdy

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