A new Linux distro enters the market: ProgeX

ProgexProgex is a new Linux distribution, based on Ubuntu 8.10 and Gnome user interface. It also includes most programs so that you can work straight away without downloading and installing a bunch of stuffs.

Why you should install ProgeX (taken from its official page):

  • You won’t loose time installing and configuring programs (we took care of this).
  • It’s easy to use even by kids or people that never used a Linux distribution before.
  • It’s the most complete Linux distribution. You can do anything without downloading new programs from the internet.
  • All the people who tested it before the official release were satisfied.
  • It has a professional look, layout and feel and it’s free.
  • Because you deserve better.
  • And because you got to see for yourself.

So, check out ProgeX if you are into Linux (or if you don’t have the money to buy a copy of Windows)

Progex Linux Open Source

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