Trillian Astra Beta Testing Opens

trillian astra beta

Trillian Astra is the next generation of Trillian, one of the most popular multi instant messaging applications available, developed by Cerulean Studios.

You’ve probably heard of Trillian Astra a couple of years ago and probably wondering what’s been happening to it. Same here. I thought they scrap the whole project as it has taken them ages to let it out the door (or at least out for public beta).

I’m quite glad it’s still being under constant development and the good news is that you can now download Trillian Astra and have a taste of it yourself.

Trillian Astra provides a sleek new interface and also more than 400 features (basic and advanced features). It’s capable of connecting you to your friends over the MSN (WLM) network, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and many more. For the complete Trillian Astra features, check out Trillian Astra Features page.

Some screenshots taken + grabbed from the website:

trillian astra style
trillian astra conversation window

The interface is pretty sleek and there are tons of color themes available for your liking. The emoticons may not be your taste though, but you can always download & install the emoticons style that you like.

The only thing that I’ll miss is the Windows Live Messenger custom emoticons though. Although we’ll be able to see our friends’ custom emoticons, we won’t be able to send ours. Thanks for Microsoft copyright stuffs.

If you are interested to join the Beta, I have 5 invites available for you. So drop by on the comment section and I’ll send it to your email address.

OR (which is kinda silly), you can just go to the Trillian Astra Beta SignUp page and you’ll get the beta access right away :) (which makes me wonder why they even need to put the Invite feature there?)

If you don’t want to use a Beta software, there’s always Digsby for your multi instant messaging application needs.

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