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Tile (that small, tracker gadget) now gets replaceable batteries with the New Tile Mate & Tile Pro


Tile Tracker

Remember Tile? It’s a small, handy tracker that you can attach to your devices, or practically anything so you can track your items – making sure you’ll never forget your bag behind, or lose your expensive Blunt umbrella.

If you haven’t, made sure to check our review on the Tile Pro. 

While Tile is cool, it doesn’t have a replaceable battery and you can’t even recharge it. Tile owners have to buy a new Tile roughly every year which can be an expensive investment to some.

However, it’ll all change today as Tile introduces the new Tile Mate and Pro with replaceable batteries inside!

Tile Mate uses a CR1632 battery cell, whereas the Tile Pro uses a CR2032 battery cell – all can easily be bought at your local Chemist store or on eBay.

Tile Pro has twice the tracking range and volume compared to the Tile Mate.

Tile also introduces Tile Premium, a new monthly subscription at AU$3.99 per month or AU$39.99 per year. So what do you get with this subscription?

  • Smart Alerts (Beta) notifies you when you leave home without your Tiles or Tile-enabled devices.
  • Free Battery Replacements will be sent to you for all Mate (2018) and Pro (2018) Tiles with a replaceable battery that you own.
  • Location History shows you where your Tiles or Tile-enabled devices have been for the last 30 days.
  • Extended Warranty for up to 3 full years on all Tile models with a replaceable battery.
  • Unlimited Sharing allows you to share your Tile with as many trusted friends and family members as you want so they can help you find your things.
  • Premium Customer Support includes access to an exclusive text help line staffed by our Care team.
The Tile Mate retails for AU$39.95 and Tile Pro for AU$59.95. All products are available today at Tile.com and to many major Australian retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks and more.

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