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The future of soldiers and gaming

Ghost Recon Future soldier xbox 360

I recently read and watched online reviews of Tom Clancy’s latest game, the Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

It seems that they have taken a radical action, from a stealthy kind of gameplay where you rarely know where the enemies are and that one bullet can kill you (back in the classic Rainbow Six games), into a high-tech, forgiving, fast-paced FPS game.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, there isn’t. The game seems fun to play on the Xbox 360 (especially with Kinect), which you can purchase over at Big W Xbox 360 games section.

Speaking of the Kinect version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier, I’m not sure whether you have seen the live presentation video from some E3 2011 some time ago:

By using gestures (or voice, or a mixture of both), you can pretty much customise your weapons the way you want it to play. The Kinect version does not stop just there, you can also play it using motion controls (by adjusting your body posture and hands). It’s actually pretty cool.

This way, you can at least get some sport while playing your games, right? I couldn’t imagine before that FPS games can actually be played with gestures (I thought motion control games are being made only for those boring sport games).

Now, I’m sure we’ll still need to wait for a little longer before we can all play competitively in an online environment. I mean, I’m sure I can literally obliterate you when you are still busy “juggling and dancing” in motion with my gaming keyboard + mouse combo. Still, it looks like it’s fun to play with the other members of your family at home.

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