For many months now, Telstra had been trialling their Wi-Fi network in Australia by offering free Wi-Fi at Melbourne CBD (and many other areas around Australia), allowing anyone to connect for 30 minutes each session, even if they were not Telstra Broadband customers.

It didn’t have an official name yet and the trial period had already ended, as Telstra prepared for the launch of one of its largest programs to date.

However, as of today, Telstra officially announces the launch of Telstra Air – which will be next Tuesday, where the hotspots will be turned on around Australia.

New Telstra broadband customers can join the Telstra Air program by grabbing the bundle (a Telstra Air compatible gateway and membership) at no additional cost. For existing eligible Telstra home broadband customers without a compatible gateaway, you can purchase one from Telstra.

Telstra Air works by sharing a small portion of your home internet bandwidth. In exchange, you can then use your own home broadband allowance at hotspots across Australia and also overseas! There are more than 15 million hotspots overseas in 18 countries (including the UK, Japan, Brazil, France, Spain, and Germany). More hotspots around the globe will definitely be added in the future.

If you have not noticed already, Telstra has installed many hotspots in more than 250 towns and cities across Australia. That cute little box on top of the public phone with a Wi-Fi icon on it? That’s the one.

Telstra Wi-Fi

As a Telstra Air customer, you will be able to connect to these Wi-Fi hotspots anytime – which means you can stream videos or browse the web with ease, knowing that your device will be using your home broadband allowance (rather than using your mobile data allowance).

There will also be new Telstra broadband packages with generous data allowances, designed to make the most of Telstra Air (plus a 6 month Presto subscription bonus).

Check out the official Telstra Air video below:

To find out more about Telstra Air and how you can join, check out the official Telstra Air page.

Note: Images courtesy of Telstra

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