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[Sponsored Video] View your Facebook and Twitter feed–Star Wars style

Star Wars appEver wanted to have that Force Push power in life a la Jedi to push away all your problems or annoying dudes?

Well you can, in Kinect Star Wars. You can even swing your lightsaber around while playing the game, making it more fun to unleash the geekiness in you.

In the game, you will be playing as a Padawan using a variety of body movement to unleash the Force in you – lift and throw objects, push those pesky droids, or swing your lightsaber around to deflect enemies gun fire.

Microsoft has also developed and released “Kinect Star Wars” app to celebrate the launch of the game earlier this month (April 2012). The app is actually a social networking app that displays your Facebook and Twitter feeds in the style of the iconic Star Wars opening title sequence!

Star Wars Twitter

It looks pretty cool though unfortunately I couldn’t download it from the Australian app store to give it a whirl (it is available on the GB and US store if you want to give it a try).

You can connect to both your Twitter and Facebook feed under a single app, so you don’t have to open different apps to access your Twitter and Facebook account.

Twitter Facebook

Of course, you can also make a Facebook status update or post a tweet through the app, just like any other social networking apps.

The Kinect Star Wars app is available on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android operating system on your tablets and smartphones.

Meanwhile, check this video out for some Star Wars fun and also a bit about the app:

Note: This post has been sponsored by Kinect Star Wars

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