Gotta feel that acceleration! – Segway-Ninebot F40A Review

Segway-Ninebot F40A Review – One of the coolest things of owning and driving a Tesla is being able to experience that lightning-quick acceleration that can throw your body (and your things inside the car) off. Plus, the amount of torque it has make it seamless and sturdy to drive on the freeway at high speed or even on a steep slope.

While an electric scooter would not be able to provide that same experience, the Segway-Ninebot F40A is not far off. It has superb acceleration, sturdy frame, and the best overall package compared to the two escooters I’ve reviewed before, the Reid E4 Plus and ROBOGO RAPID.

Segway-Ninebot F40A Review – Packaging Contents and Installation

There is a spare tyre generously included in the packaging. Before you can start using your escooter, make sure to inflate the tyres first to 45 psi (as recommended in the manual). I used my Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump which only took me seconds to fully inflate the tyres.

Segway-Ninebot F40A Review – Design and Features

The F40A is the top end model from the new F-series, having 350W motor power, 30km/h max speed (though it’s being limited to 25km/h due to the regulations here in Australia), a max slope gradient of 20%, and a maximum range of 40km.

With that powerful specifications, the F40A is the best of the bunch for long-distance travel and going uphill.

The F-series are great looking electric scooters with a Black, Grey, and Orange theme. The F40A I have here looks really sturdy, far sturdier though somewhat larger and taller compared to the other two electric scooters I mentioned earlier. Sure, this sturdiness comes at a cost.

The F40A weighs 15.8kg which is heavy if you have to carry it up the train station stairs. However, the weight contributes nicely to the sturdiness of the escooter when you ride it and reduces that wobbliness.


The weight is also important for the F40A because it has a really nice, high torque. The escooter can definitely propel you forward in a fun way like flooring your feet on the pedal of a fast car.

There are three riding modes to choose from that you can switch on the fly: Eco, Normal, and Sport. The modes can be cycled easily by double pressing the main button which also serves as as the power button. Normal mode gives you the best of both worlds (performance and battery life) but I’ve been riding on Sport mode – just because I can, but you’ll need it when going up a steep road.

The UI is clean though the screen is a bit hard to see in direct sunlight due to the glare. Thankfully, you’ll barely ever need to have a peek at the screen while you ride anyway.

With a built-in headlight and taillight, it is safe to ride with the F40A at night time. Speaking of safe, there is a lock function that can be triggered from the app too which is nice.

The app records your total ride distance and how much battery you have left, along with indication on how far you can still ride with the remaining battery.

You can also record your trips which will show the map route, total distance, and your average ride speed.

Segway-Ninebot F40A Review – Riding Experience

So how does it feel riding the Segway-Ninebot F40A? Really great. As mentioned before, it feels really sturdy and the high torque allows you to ride in different kinds of environment. Like any other escooters (and electric cars) though, bumpy roads are not your best friend – all thanks to the big, stiff battery unit at the base of the vehicle.

I also like the thoughtfulness being put into designing the F40A, especially around the handles and acceleration lever. Thanks to the special rubber material, they are easy and firmer to grip which makes it safer to drive.

Segway-Ninebot F40A Review Conclusion

Segway-Ninebot F40A looks classy and is really fun to ride. Its high torque offers really good acceleration that you’ll need to ride on steep roads, its solid frame is sturdy against the wind, and its long range is perfect for those long ride away from home.

For shorter rides from home to the station, you might just want to grab the more affordable siblings on the F-series, or a different escooter with lighter frames.

Segway-Ninebot F40A retails for A$1,199 and is available at JB Hi-Fi through distributor Panmi Australia.

Before riding this or even making a purchase, please check the regulations for riding an electric scooter in your own State.

Disclosure: Segway-Ninebot F40A review unit was supplied for reviewing

Segway-Ninebot F40A Electric Scooter Review


A long range escooter with fast acceleration and sturdy frame


  • High torque, fast acceleration
  • Sturdy frame, solid build
  • Clean & minimal interface
  • Easily foldable
  • Up to 40km range
  • Headlight and taillight
  • Has a lock function


  • Sturdiness + longer range came with a cost as it’s heavier to carry (15.8kg)
  • Screen is not that visible under direct sunlight
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