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Seesmic Web gets some major updates

Seesmic - Web Twitter Client

I’ve probably tried almost all Twitter clients available such as TweetDeck, Seesmic Desktop/for Windows, DestroyTwitter, Blu, and the classic Twitter.com to tweet in the past. At the moment, I’m using Seesmic Web simply because I don’t need to install anything on my desktop (a separate application or a browser extension). It simply works and not just that, it has all the features I need to tweet: retweet, URL shortener, managing my Twitter Lists, and many more. Recently, they were making some updates on the web application. Excellent additions, in fact. A contact manager, conversation threads, retweets, twitter lists, geolocation, and TweetMeme.

Contacts Manager

The new tab, Contacts, will take you to an area where you can view your Twitter “contacts”. These are basically people that you follow, people that are following you, and even people on your Twitter lists. On the newsletter that I got, you can view a list of all your followers/following like the screenshot below:

Seesmic Windows Contacts All Followers

However on my interface (I’m using the black colored version btw), I can only view my contacts on the Twitter Lists:

Seesmic Web Contacts

Not sure why, perhaps the update hasn’t been completed to my account? Or I’m missing a setting somewhere.


Whenever there is a link on the tweets, you can now click on the “+” sign to see the TweetMeme options: how many retweets, the name of the site on the link, and also a post excerpt. A brilliant edition especially if you are concerned with clicking some unknown shortened URLs.

Seesmic Web TweetMeme integration


Once you have enabled it in your Twitter Settings account and use Google Gears, your followers will be able to see the location the tweet was sent from. I don’t like unknown people knowing where I am, so unfortunately I’m gonna skip this one out.

Twitter Lists

Previously, Seesmic Web can grab your Twitter Lists and display updates on them. With the latest update, you can even update or delete your Twitter Lists. No more going back and forth to the Twitter web client to update your Twitter Lists.

Conversation Threads

With Seesmic Web, it’s now easier to follow conversations (those “in reply to” tweets). You can view all the conversations in a threaded style:

Seesmic Web - Conversation Threads


You can check all the retweets you created, others, and so on:

Seesmic Web Retweets

Pretty cool changes, which makes Seesmic Web my best choice for tweeting at this moment :) If you want to have a play around with the new features, check out Seesmic Webs!

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