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Replies on Twitter now does not count into your 140-character limit

Twitter new replies

Saying what you want to say under 140 characters is not easy all the time, but that is the art of tweeting. It teaches you to ponder back what you are about to say in the most effective way possible that it does not sound like ranting and rambling.

That said, replies or mentions should not be counted towards your character limit and Twitter has listened (half-ly).

As of today, you now have more characters to spare when you are replying Tweets because the people you are replying to will not be counted in the tweet.

To be more specific, these are the specific changes to replies:

  • Usually, the person that you are replying to will appear on the same Tweet text line. With the new change, the name (or account name) will appear above the Tweet text – which makes tweets neater too. What you see on the texts are the tweets itself, minus all the @usernames which clutter the information.
  • By tapping or clicking on the “Replying to…”, you can easily see all the people in your conversation thread.

This is definitely a big one, especially when there are a few people discussing/interacting on a single tweet because lots of characters were wasted before if you included them in. Now, you have more room to say in group conversations, especially.

Twitter new replies


I do wish Twitter also makes the change so that even mentions do not count in the character limit – which I’m sure they have thought of or are even working on it. Let’s hope so.

The update is rolling out now on Twitter.com and all the mobile apps (iOS and Android).

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