Razer Megasoma Review

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Razer Megasoma is a hybrid of a hard and a soft mouse mat; If you love the softness of a soft mat but want to have the speed of a hard mat, Razer Megasoma delivers (this is debatable and I guess more like a personal preference). Razer Megasoma sits somewhere in between, combining the best of both worlds into one.

In terms of aesthetic look, Razer Megasoma looks great in white. If you have a dark table like mine, Razer Megasoma really shines on it. It actually has a green ambient glow on the top right of the mat. So if you’ve exposed the mat to a light source for quite some time, you’ll see the big green glowing Razer logo coming from it if you turn off the light. It’s just a fancy geeky thing though as this does not add real value to your gaming experience. The light, once glows, doesn’t stay for too long. I wish that the logo sticks to the mat like the one on the screenshot though :) I think it looks cool but others would probably want a minimalist design on their mouse pads.

Razer Megasoma Review - boxRazer Megasoma is a silicon mouse mat which makes it easily foldable. On top of that, Razer has nicely given a hard case for the mat. If you love going to LAN parties or joining game tournaments, Razer Megasoma will be your best companion as it’s highly portable. Simply fold the mat and carry it inside the case. The silicon has a distinct smell to it when you let the mat out of its packaging for the first time. The smell, thankfully, doesn’t stay too long. Razer Megasoma is also washable so you’ll always have a bright white shiny mat all the time.

Plenty of mouse movement space offered by Razer Megasoma so it might not fit your set-up if you have a small table (Razer Megasoma’s dimension is 350 x 230 x 2 mm). With a 2mm thickness of softness, Razer Megasoma offers a great comfortable gaming experience, giving your wrist a nice, soft-y feeling.

Coming from the newer Razer Vespula, I had to admit that I like Razer Vespula better. I’m a low sensitivity gamer so I found it harder to adjust with Razer Megasoma’s softer surface. I was so used to Razer Vespula’s glide smoothness and found that I needed to apply extra force to glide my mouse on the Razer Megasoma.

As for accuracy and whether the mouse mat delivers, it does. I play Left 4 Dead 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 almost every night and I *ahem* own the games on the Megasoma. Pointing the cursor accurately to enemies’ heads is no big deal on Razer Megasoma.

Razer Megasoma Review Conclusion

Razer Megasoma Review

If you can’t decide whether you want to get a hard mouse mat or a soft one, why not get the good of both worlds? Razer Megasoma tracks mouse movement really well and its soft silicon surface goes well on my wrist when I game for hours. The smell on the silicon and the not-too-obvious glowing logo are a bit of a letdown but they don’t hamper you in any way when you game. The silicon smell wears off quickly and you won’t probably miss seeing the ambient light coming from the mat when you switch off the light.

One of the thing that I like about Razer Megasoma is how highly portable it is. It’s easy to fold the mat and store it on the glass hard case that comes with it. You can even make it into a show case if you are into that sort of thing. Once unfolded, the mat will fall back into place and sticks onto your desk surface really well. If you are the type who always carries around your own mouse pad, take Razer Megasoma with you. Once you get home, feel free to wash it with a soap and water and it’ll be like brand new again!

Despite all this, however, I still find that I need to apply extra force to move my mouse on the Razer Megasoma. Whether this suits your taste or not, it’s subjective.

Note: Review unit provided by Razer

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