Pureprofile review (make money online) and my first payment

What’s Pureprofile? In a nutshell, you make money online simply by clicking ads on the Pureprofile‘s site.

You register, log in to the site, and check what ads are available for you to view and then click on. Every click usually gives you from 5 – 20 cents (mostly 20 cents). New advertisements are refreshed daily and there are also surveys every now and then that will grant you more than just cents (some can go up to $2.00)

I’ve been doing some clicking for some time and I was finally eligible for a redemption (you need to make at least $25 before you can ask for a cash redemption), so I asked for it and in about 2 weeks, the money was transferred to my bank account without any hassle.

Read on and I’ll explain more.




Pureprofile Homepage

The site is simple but easy on the eye. The navigations are intuitive too.

After you register and log in, you will be presented with offers (basically advertisements) from different marketers. You simply have to click a button which will open up a new window of the marketer’s site offer. Afterwards, Pureprofile will display the next ads/offer to your screen, and so on.

That’s all you have to do, really. If you are interested with the offers, then it’s up to you whether to go ahead with a purchase, or whatever the offer wants you to do. If you don’t, no hard feelings. Honestly I’ve never taken any of the offers. Pureprofile doesn’t require you to, anyways.

On some days, there are surveys as well, which can take you between 2-20 minutes, depends on the type of survey and whether you are eligible for the surveys.

Surveys are varied (Food (McDonalds), Government surveys, Banks (ANZ), Shops, etc) and most of the surveys will start with questions like “are you male/female”, “how old are you”, “where do you live”, and “what do you do”.

Usually you will get around 2-5 ads a day (varied) to click on.

What are you waiting for? Register now, start some clicking (especially if you are in front of the computer often) and earn some cash (even if it’s not a lot). You can make bits of money while browsing or chatting with your buddies over the web :)

And if you’re afraid that it’s a scam (like I did), here is a screenshot of my bank’s transactions, highlighting the money I got from them ($46).

I asked for the cash redemption on the 7th of November and the money was transferred into my account on the 19th.

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