PADACS Anard iPad Case Review

PADACS Anard iPad Case The Anard is a professional looking leather iPad Case from PADACS. It is well designed to protect your iPad for everyday use: bumps and scratches while giving access to the screen, ports, jacks, and controls.

Let’s have a closer look at the Anard iPad Case.

When I saw PADACS Anard on their website for the first time, I thought it was the same case like the cheap ones on eBay or DealExtreme. The cheap ones are also made in leather (or claimed to be), have an adjustable stand and give a folder case look-and-feel, just like the Anard. Upon a closer look, the Anard is actually leather case of high quality, unlike the cheap ones (if you zoom in to the photos on the PADACS Anard product page, you can actually see the difference in the quality of leather).

PADACS Anard Review - extra pockets

The Anard gives ample protection for your iPad screen (when folded like a book cover) and also in case your iPad falls to the ground. The case itself is quite thick and actually feels a bit heavy. It does add an extra weight to your iPad but at the same time giving it an extra protection because of the thickness.

On some cases, the iPad can actually come loose from the case. The Anard prevents this from happening by adding a few extra layers at the bottom of the case:

PADACS Anard Review - access to port

You also have access to all iPad controls when it’s on the Anard: the iPad cable port, audio jack, and all the control buttons. This way, you can just charge the iPad straight without having to take the iPad out. Good design, PADACS!

PADACS Anard Review - access to controls

The Velcro adjustable stand also comes in handy when you are watching movies or interacting with the iPad on a table. In fact, I put it next to my desktop sometimes so I can play both my computer and my iPad at the same time. If you have the Air Display app to make your iPad as a second monitor for your desktop, this Velcro stand really comes in handy. Or even if you just want to recharge your iPad while you sleep and let it run your time/alarm application. This way, you don’t need to put an extra cash to buy a separate iPad stand. Note that the stand works only on Landscape mode.

PADACS Anard Review - desktop PADACS Anard Review - velcro adjustable stand

The PADACS Anard also has a magnetic closure for a quick open-and-close action. Thank goodness they didn’t put a Velcro on it like the stand because imagine how noisy it will be when you open your iPad in a meeting or somewhere silent. The magnetic closure is nothing to be frightened about too (some might be scared of putting a magnetic object near their iPad). So far, my iPad is still alive and kicking!

PADACS Anard is great if you only have the money to spend on just one case. The leather quality is good, has a built-in stand, access to all iPad ports, jacks, and controls, and also gives plenty of protection. This extra protection comes at a price though, making the iPad somewhat bulkier. Holding your iPad in the mid-air for too long with the Anard case is not recommended because of this.

Note: Anard case provided by PADACS to be reviewed

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