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Inside this case, you can probably throw your new iPad around without breaking it


Otterbox Defender iPad 3 case review – So far, I’ve always been reviewing iPad cases with slimness factor in mind plus minor bumps/scratches protection. To be exposed to the Otterbox Defender case with heavy-duty protection is quite a new experience to me.

Some iPad owners are simply clumsy and like to drop their iPad to the ground. As such, they are looking for a case that can withstand this sort of daily punishment.

Or maybe you just don’t have the luxury to work inside an office? Being constantly outside, especially in a dusty environment such as a construction site, might hold you back from taking your new iPad with you.

Afraid no more because the Otterbox Defender case is here to the rescue!

Otterbox Defender iPad 3 case packaging:

Otterbox Defender sealed packageDSC_0164.NEF

This crazy Defender series case for the new iPad (iPad 3) actually has THREE layers of protection:

  • An inner polycarbonate shell with a built-in foam interior (shock absorber and to protect the back of your iPad from scratches).
    This includes a built-in screen protector for the iPad that amazingly works well, similar to a stick-it screen protector. The screen protector prevents any scratches on the screen and finger prints.
  • A thick silicone skin, again, to further absorbs the impact and to cover all the ports, buttons, and jacks of the iPad.
  • The last, is the outer layer, an integrated shield stand with similar material as the inner shell. An extra added protection that also serves as the cover and can be transformed into a stand.

These triple protection layers obviously add bulkiness and weight to your iPad, but when protection is the thing you worry the most, then this is definitely the case for you.

It takes a while to figure out how these three layers work together but there is a video on their official site that teaches you how to “assemble” and “disassemble” the case.

So, here are the three layers of protection in detail:

[1] Otterbox Defender Inner Layer


This inner polycarbonate shell layer is where the iPad will be placed upon initially. The iPad clips well to the shell and won’t budge unless if you really put an effort to take it out.

The Apple logo on the back is made visible but protected.

Otterbox DefenderDSC_0181.NEF

You can practically use this inner shell alone as a case, but the surroundings are not smooth to the touch because you are meant to cover it up with the second layer (the silicone skin). Without the silicone, accessing the Home button is also harder because the shell covers half of the iPad Home button.

The built-in screen protector actually works really well, beyond my expectation. It is responsive and has the same feel as a regular iPad screen protector. Not to mention, you don’t have to go through the pain of applying it and you won’t see any of those horrible air bubbles :) Love it.

Otterbox Defender Review

[2] Otterbox Defender Silicone Skin


The skin covers the first layer, adding another degree of protection and also “grippiness” to the iPad. Should your iPad fall to the ground, this silicone skin will absorb the impact like tying a cushion below the iPad and throw it to the ground (a bit of exaggeration but you get the idea!)

These 2 layers are pretty much enough for you to carry your iPad 3 around and use it. I see the third layer as an extra but again, it depends on where you are and how you are going to use your iPad.

The Silicone skin also covers every ports, buttons, and jacks which is good if you are using your iPad in a dusty environment. However, this means you have to uncover the silicon parts when you need to recharge or access the ports and jacks.



One thing that I dislike is the Home button silicone cover as it requires much more effort now to press the Home button at the expense of protection.

[3] Otterbox Defender Integrated Shield Stand


The last layer is meant to cover the iPad screen (which is already covered by the built-in screen protector) when you are not using your iPad:


OR as another heavy-duty protection on the back of your iPad:


OR as a tool to enhance your experience in typing or watching a movie on the iPad.



If you are looking for a case that gives the ultimate protection for your iPad 3, I would recommend getting the Otterbox Defender case. It doesn’t just focus on the protection, but also on the looks, usability, and to make your iPad experience smooth while being safely secured.

With the Otterbox Defender, your iPad will be dust & dirt free. Also, you don’t have to be scared anymore when you leave your new iPad with your kids.

Then again of course, if you are not the clumsy type, you’d be better off with a slimmer case or a portfolio one.

Note: Otterbox Defender iPad 3 Case review sample was provided for the review

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