Opera 9.5 goes final as Firefox goes RC3

Firefox vs OperaOpera has just released its 9.5 final to the masses. Not too sure what has changed between the last beta to the final, but I notice a whole new fresh UI & default skin (like it or not).

Where as on the other site of the battleground, Firefox released a new Release Candidate, RC3 as it’s preparing itself for the final.

Opera 9.5 beta (before this) has been stable and blazing fast, compared to Mozilla Firefox RC2. It has fewer crashes on me compared to Firefox.

If you only require a browser to check your emails and browse around the web, I’d suggest to grab Opera. It’s more light-weighted and don’t feel as bloated as Firefox (I’m ready for some flaming from Mozilla’s fan here :)).

Although honestly, I’m pretty much prefer using Firefox simply because of its so many useful extensions.

Download Opera 9.5 Final or Mozilla Firefox RC3 here.

As for Internet Explorer, it’s preparing for its version 8 Beta 2.
Safari? You can grab a Safari 4 Developer Preview version, but you have to register first (free) as an ADC member (I can’t be bothered with it yet).

So many good browsers out there (and I haven’t mentioned the “small” players like Maxthon, Flock, K-meleon and many others).

My ultimate browser would be a brower that:

  • Starts up as quick as Internet Explorer 7
  • Compatible with Firefox extensions
  • Has the Opera 9.5 look and feel
  • Font rendering display like Safari 3

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