October 2008 Traffic & Income Statistics


My blog’s October 2008 statistics: 61,132 visits, 107,620 pageviews.

  • Referring Sites – 43,590 visits
  • Search Engines – 11,433 visits
  • Direct Traffic – 6097 visits
  • Other – 12 visits

Referring sites traffic breakdown (Top 3):

  • StumbleUpon – 38,915 visits.
  • Entrecard – 955 visits.
  • Reddit – 360 visits.

Overall, the October’s traffic is lower than the previous month, September. I have to admit that I was not doing much marketing to my blog last month.

Income made online on October 2008

  • Logo Designing: $110
  • Google AdSense: $72.84
  • BuzZLogic: $38.57
  • Private Advertising: $15
  • ASE AdNet: $13.11

Total Income made online: $249.52.

Interesting things happening last month

Nothing much, really. I was playing around with the Logo Creator and created some logo designs casually. I was quite amazed at how easy it was to create elegant looking logos using the software.

Made these 2 logos with it and being paid for the work:

 proguitarlessons guitarMethods_final


I’ve also made my own advertisement slot banner using the Logo Creator (both for the weekly and monthly banner):

weekly     monthly

Feel free to contact me if you like my logo/banner design above and have some casual work for me :) 


October 2008 Post Highlights

How’s your blog’s traffic last month?

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