Now you can share your Dropbox folders with your Facebook friends!

Dropbox Facebook friends

On Twitter earlier, Dropbox announced on Twitter that you can now share your Dropbox folder by inviting your Facebook friends! (previously you can only do it to those with a Dropbox account via email address).

Now, this is assuming obviously that you have linked your Dropbox with your Facebook account so that Dropbox can find your Facebook friends. Simply search a Facebook friend’s name on the invitation field and Dropbox will fill in the name of your Facebook friends there.

The problem is, I couldn’t get this to work at all. It seems that it hasn’t been rolled out to everyone or it’s still a teaser? Let me know if you can get it working on your account.

I welcome this feature because only a few of my friends are embracing the goodness of Dropbox at the moment (man, they lose a lot!) and I really need to share a folder for the movie project that I’m doing at the moment.

Hurry up, Dropbox!

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