Free 500 MB from Dropbox if you refer a friend (bonus for both of you)


I recommend Dropbox like there is no tomorrow. I store most of my important documents in the Dropbox folder, auto-synced to all devices and computers I have. I can even access them online or share the files/folders to specific people. Collaboration and backup can never be this easier! Read how Dropbox works in depth.

Normally, when you refer someone to sign up for Dropbox, you and your friend will both get 250 MB extra space. Recently, however, Dropbox has increased the free space to 500 MB!

That’s right, if someone signs up using your referral link, you and that person will both get 500 MB each – to store more photos, music, or any files you can think of.

If you are on the free account (like I am), you can invite up to 32 people maximum to get an extra 16 GB of extra space. If you are on the Dropbox Pro account, you’ll earn 1 GB per referral and get an extra of 32 GB maximum.

So far, I have referred quite an amount of people through my Dropbox review post and have about 13.68 GB in total. According to Dropbox, I have earned about 7.5 GB from referrals :)

Dropbox quota

If you haven’t had a Dropbox account and want to sign up, feel free to sign using my Dropbox referral link (you will get a free 500 MB extra!).

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