Now everyone can buy and own a personal tracking device!

3d-DotI got this press release today from gizmo who are working with DataDotDNA to help safeguard computers or any other valuable belongings that you have. Basically, you stick these “DataDots” that are almost invisible to the naked eye onto a device (or anything) and you will be able to track these items proof that you are the owner of the device if it’s ever got stolen. The DataDotDNA is acknowledged by Crime Stoppers Australia and it gives your valuable item a “DNA” of its own, allowing you to get unique information linked to the item (which can be anything, including cars, bicycles, etc).

As cool as this may sound, wait until I review the sample that will be delivered to me next week! Meanwhile, below is more info about the technology.

UPDATE: I’m sorry for the misleading title! After I received the packege, I realize that DataDotDNA does not act as a tracking device, but more like an identifying device (so the dots will identify you as the right owner after you register them). This makes it easy to rightfully identify you as the owner of a stolen item.

Home computer helpers gizmo come to the rescue with DataDotDNA

DataDot-gizmo-backgroundWith gizmo visiting over 7,500 homes per month they see firsthand how expensive and inconvenient a break in can be to their customers. Just as there are appropriate measures to secure the home, there are also ways that people can protect computers and other valuable belongings from theft.

gizmo, Australia’s leading home computer helpers, are now working with DataDotDNA® to help safeguard computers and storage devices.

DataDotDNA® – acknowledged by Crime Stoppers Australia – is a security identification system that uses DataDots to protect computers, external storage devices (or any other of your valuable household items) from theft. Essentially, it gives valuable items their very own traceable DNA.

DataDots are tiny microscopic discs that are sprayed or brushed onto various locations on a computer or other valuable items. They contain unique information that is linked to the item, which is stored on a secure national database that can be accessed by police if the property is stolen.

As small as a grain of sand, DataDots are almost invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected by a UV light and a magnifying device. It is virtually impossible to locate and remove all the DataDots, making it extremely difficult for thieves to sell your property without fear of being caught.

Ben Ashton, CEO at gizmo, commented: “Security of documents, photos and data is an issue of increasing importance for all Australian technology users. gizmo already offers a range of products and services to help our customers secure their computers from malware, viruses and cyber-theft but now we can provide them with an option to protect their physical computer hardware as well.

“Losing a computer or back up device can be costly to replace, not to mention losing personal documents and photos that may be irreplaceable. DataDots are recognised as being one of the most effective ways of preventing theft and play a huge role in the recovery and return of stolen goods so we are delighted to be partnering with them to offer our customers this increased protection.”

Greg Gothard, GM business development manager for DataDot Technology Limited, added “gizmo offer a range of products and services that cover computer repairs and upgrades, personalised tutorials for those wanting to develop awareness, home networking, data services and computer set-up.  We see the link with gizmo being able to offer physical security through our DataDotDNA® home and business security kits to its customers as a natural extension of what they are currently offering. We are excited by this opportunity, it is a good fit for both organisations and the winner will be gizmo’s customers.”

gizmo offer a range of products and services that cover repairs and upgrades, personalised tutorials for those wanting to develop awareness, home networking, data services and computer set-up.

To purchase a DataDotDNA® kit for $30 or if you have a computer emergency call 1300 ASK GIZMO or visit

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