Diner Dash: Grilling Green review for iPad

Diner Dash Grilling Green Review - logoIf you are into playing management simulation games (city, hotel, restaurant, and all that), then you’ll definitely love playing Diner Dash: Grilling Green. In Diner Dash: Grilling Green, you will be managing a small restaurant with 1 waitress and 1 chef. You can imagine things will get pretty hectic once customers started pouring in, as you need to guide Flo the waitress to take orders and even help Grandma to cook quicker!

The game is divided into multiple missions so you’ll start off easy and gets harder and harder.

Diner Dash Grilling Green Review - Missions

Swiping and pointing your fingers non-stop on the iPad screen, you’ll end up:

  • Managing which groups of guests sit in which table (2 seaters or 6 seaters). The chairs are also colored so if you can match the colors to the right customers, you’ll get bonus points.
  • Managing Flo, the waitress, to take orders, to bring the orders back to the counter, to bring the meal to customers, to give the bill to customers, to clean the tables, and a few other interesting things as you unlock more missions.
  • Help Grandma to cook faster by following the instructions (will be different per dish): rolling sushi, tearing lettuce, etc. If you have played Cooking Mama on the Nintendo DS, you know what I mean.

All of these may sound very easy but unfortunately Flo only has 2 hands so she can only take 2 orders or bring 2 dishes at a time! You can queue up her orders and get bonus points for actually chaining the orders.

Diner Dash Grilling Green Review - gameplayDiner Dash Grilling Green Review - gameplay 2

There are many things to be done at one go (just like when you are working in a real restaurant, I guess :D), so your multi tasking skills will be tested here. If you are not a multitasking person, this game is probably a good excuse to hone your skill.

Customers are varied too and they behave differently. Elderly customers, for example, tend to eat slower and don’t really mind if you are a bit slow in serving them. The business women, however, will start putting up frowning faces if you work too slowly. You can see whether the customers are happy or not from the heart symbols above/below them. There are ways to increase these during the game but I won’t spoil the unlocks here.

Diner Dash Grilling Green Review - game

Dinner Dash: Grilling Green is fun to play but it’s quite challenging. I have yet to get the Expert score while playing this game. Basically when you play a mission, you need to have a certain point to pass the mission and also an optional Expert badge if you can get more points. I thought I’ve done my best but I guess I haven’t! Getting the Expert badge is not required though but it’s certainly a good challenge to finish the game in excellence.

Diner Dash Grilling Green Review - cookingDiner Dash Grilling Green Review - cooking 2

There are only 20 levels so there is somewhat a replay value to get the Expert score per mission but I hope that they can add more levels to the game as you can finish Diner Dash:  Grilling Green pretty quick, unless if you are aiming for the Expert scores each mission.

However, while you are playing throughout the missions, you’ll have plenty of fun and clicking touching to do!

Diner Dash: Grilling Green – PlayFirst, Inc.

Note: Diner Dash: Grilling Green promo code provided for the review

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