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Norton releases Cybercrime report 2010

Norton cybercrime report

Cybercrime gets worse and worse nowadays, since we are in an era heavily relying on technology and internet. I could live without internet back then in the 90s but I cannot now (as so many of you). This report is quite interesting in case you want to know how many people are actually aware of the danger and other interesting statistics.

According to the Norton Cybercrime Report 2010:

  • 69% Australians (65% globally) have experienced cybercrime
  • Only 10% Australians (9% globally) feel safe online
  • Average cost in solving cybercrime is around AUD 608 (or US $334 globally)
  • Due to this, many have registered with fake ids or lied about some personal details like birthdays, etc

It’s amazing, looking at these statistics, how many people have actually affected by Cybercrime. It’s also staggering to see the number of people who believe that it is safe to be online (only 9-10% of the whole population believe that it is safe).

Even with Facebook and other social marketing boom nowadays, it’s getting less and less safe online, especially when your friends’ Facebook account get hacked and started to post dodgy links that look quite legitimate on your end.

It is time for us to be more vigilant in Cybercrime. If you are interested in reading the whole report, head off to Norton Cybercrime Report.

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