New Hi-Fi speakers for your Home Cinema from the Audiophile’s French brand, Focal

Focal has just announced new collection of Hi-Fi loudspeakers for your music listening and home cinema experience.

The new Vestina line includes four new products: Vestia N°2 and Vestia N°3 (floor standing models),  Vestia N°1 (bookshelf loudpseaker), and Vestia Centre (centre loudspeaker for a Home Cinema configuration).

These new products can be combined with Surround satellite loudspeakers from the Focal Chora line (make sure to check my review on their awesome Chora 806 speakers) and SUB 600P subwoofer for that extra oomph in the bass department.

Focal Vestia has a dynamic and sleek design that will fit most modern homes and it’s inspired by Vesta and Hestia, goddesses of the hearth and the home. The combination of Black High Gloss, Dark Wood, and a black leather effect on the front panels make these look really good to behold.

Focal Vestia Product Line Pricing

  • Vestia No 1 Black – A$1,750.00
  • Vestia No 1 Dark Wood – A$1,750.00
  • Vestia No 1 Light Wood – A$1,750.00
  • Vestia No 2 Black – A$3,800.00
  • Vestia No 2 Dark Wood – A$3,800.00
  • Vestia No 2 Light Wood – A$3,800.00
  • Vestia No 3 Black – A$4,800.00
  • Vestia No 3 Dark Wood – A$4,800.00
  • Vestia No 3 Light Wood – A$4,800.00
  • Vestia No 4 Black – A$5,800.00
  • Vestia No 4 Dark Wood – A$5,800.00
  • Vestia No 4 Light Wood – A$5,800.00
  • Vestia Center Black – A$1,000.00
  • Vestia Center Dark Wood – A$1,000.00
  • Vestia Center Light Wood – A$1,000.00
  • Vestia Center Stand – A$160.00
  • Vestia Pack 2 Stand – A$330.00

These new speakers will be exclusively available via Focal Powered by Naim stores and select premium BusiSoft AV retailers across Australia.

Find out more about the Vestia product line on the official Focal website.

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