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mSecure – a password manager for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS


mSecure Review

mSecure Password Manager Review – With so many password manager applications around, one may wonder which one should he/she get and whether paying a premium price is worth it. As you may have known, there are plenty of free password managers that you can install in your desktop or even on your mobile phones. However, how flexible is it? What if you store all your passwords and credentials in a Windows desktop application and you want to access it on-the-go?

Well, mSecure Password Manager ensures that you have access to your important piece of information wherever you are, in whatever devices you use.

mSecure AndroidmSecure, developed by mSevenSoftware, has gone to version 3.0 some time ago, adding groups for categorising records, marking records as favorite, new Security Everywhere architecture for improved data security when syncing with Dropbox or other cloud services, syncing reports of the changes, and interface redesign to make it easier to use mSecure and sync your passwords.

Creating a new entry is pretty easy and mSecure already has a range of pre-defined types such as Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and lots others. You can also define your own template if what you want is not on the default templates.

mSecure Windows

It also has pre-defined icons which make it easier to differentiate each entry from the rest so you can quickly identify your Bank account details from the other types.

mSecure iconsYou can do a search if you are having tons of confidential information that you keep in mSecure or even favorite your most used ones to have a quicker access when you need it.

You can set a few security settings on the mobile devices such as auto-locking the screen after a few minutes and even a self-destruct feature to wipe the entire data out after a few incorrect password entries (5th, 10th, or 20th failed attempt).

mSecure self destruct

One of the best features of mSecure is the ability to sync your credentials and secure info via Dropbox. It means that you can use and backup your database anywhere and anytime. You need to obviously put in your Dropbox login/password into mSecure at first but there is also another secure layer on top of it as you need to provide a sync password.  This sync password will be shared by all mSecure products in all platforms. (whether it’s on iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac OS). Access to each platform will be protected with its own password so you can assign different passwords on different platforms if you want to – for example you might just want to put numbers on mobile devices as it’s easier to type in and more complex passwords for the desktop PC, say.

mSecure Dropbox Sync

I like the Dropbox Sync because it means that it is easy to sync my data with allmSecure iOS setting the platforms (so it’s accessible anywhere) and at the same time, the file itself is backed up in my computer AND in the cloud using the service that I’m already comfortable with.

By pressing the Sync button in mSecure, you can sync all your data in a flash, it’s simple. I just wish that syncing happens automatically though. From my testing so far, I’ve found that I need to press that Sync button to get the latest updates if I added some new items on a different platform.

The interface on different platforms are similar, yet not the same to one another. The reason might be because each platform has different sets of interface or libraries to use – though it is not difficult to work your way around the different platform versions of mSecure.

mSecure Android phone

mSecure Password Manager which syncs to Dropbox is very easy to use and once you’ve got all your credentials and important piece of information set-up, you can access them with just a flick of a finger on your mobile devices or through a click on Windows or Mac OS. The fact that mSecure is available on the most popular platforms means that mSecure is the only solution you need to keep your passwords or secure information accessible by you at all times, no matter where you are. Yes, you will be paying for the apps but if you own and use multiple devices in multiple platforms like I do (Samsung Galaxy SII on Android, iPad 2 on iOS, MacBook Air on Mac OS, and Windows 7 Desktop PC), then it might be worth paying for mSecure.

mSecure for Windows | mSecure – mSeven Software, LLC for Mac | mSecure for Android | mSecure Password Manager – mSeven Software, LLC

Note: mSecure Password Manager review licenses were provided for the review


  1. Dropbox feature seems to be nice as it gives more flexibility. I am using LastPass right now but after reading your review i might give it a shot.

  2. I am currently using LastPass at the moment, and have like using their service. It has come to the point where we need to use a good password management software to keep track of all of our passwords. Most people probably use the same password for everything, which is a huge security risk if a hacker was to get hold of that one password.

    The one thing I like to look for in a good password manager is the number of devices and operating systems that are supported. The more the better.

    • I guess the mSecure is the right product for you, perhaps. You can set a different password on each device and it’s also available on almost every platform you can think of (apart from Linux, Windows Phone 7, Bada, and the others)

  3. I’ve been using DropBox for storing my files and with your review,I’m planning to give it a try. Password management really helps in protecting data so it is important to consider not only the price but the quality of its features itself.

    • Yeah, true. I guess being able to store passwords securely is the main thing we want from a password management app. The ability to sync to Dropbox and others are great bonuses on top of that :)

  4. Hi,

    I use mSecure in my iPhone and i recently got a iPad…I wanted to know if there is any way that i can sync both the devices with the same data out having to purchase the desktop client…


    • You don’t have to buy the whole thing :) You can just turn on the sync to Dropbox on your iPhone’s mSecure, download the same app on your iPad, and then set the iPad’s mSecure to use Dropbox. It’ll pick and use the same file

  5. One question – if you buy one Windows copy is that good for several desktops? I have my home PC, laptop and work PC. Need the data all them as well as my phone and potential new tablet. But buying 3 copies of the Windows version is making me think I need to look for another solutions.


  6. Help! I cannot see my msecure files in my Dropbox account. I have been syncing my msecure files all the time and my iphone screen broke so i have to replace it. I am hoping to see my msecure files from my dropbox account and just download it to my new iphone but nowhere in my dropbox folders I have seen my saved msecure files. I have never checked this previously just signed in to dropbox when I sync it using msecure thinking with confirdence that they will be storing my files from msecure. Who do I need to contact? I contacted both msecure and dropbox and no one has responded to me.

  7. I forgot my password. How do I rest it or find out what it was. Sorry I’m old.
    Jim Alexander

  8. I prefered ES Password to mSecure. It can sync with both Dropbox and Google Docs. Other features are almost the same as mSecure.

  9. I use a cloud password manager IntuitivePassword on my iPhone, iPad and PC, and it works great. Its simple, clean and best of all FREE!!

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