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KeePass is a free password management software in a nutshell (check out my KeePass Review post) and today a new version is released, i.e KeePass 2.08. Changes from KeePass 2.07 to 2.08 include new features, improvements, and also a bug fix.

KeePass 2.08 New Features

  • Key transformation library: KeePass can now use Windows’ CNG/BCrypt API for key transformations (about 50% faster than the KeePass built-in key transformation code; by increasing the amount of rounds by 50%, you’ll get the same waiting time as in 2.07, but the protection against dictionary and guessing attacks is raised by a factor of 1.5; only Windows Vista and higher).
  • Added support for sending keystrokes (auto-type) to windows that are using different keyboard layouts.
  • Added option to remember key file paths (enabled by default).
  • Added internal editor for text files (text only and RTF formatted text; editor can edit entry attachments).
  • Internal data viewer: added support for showing rich text (text with formatting).
  • Added inheritable group settings for disabling auto-type and searching for all entries in this group (see tab ‘Behavior’); for new recycle bins, both properties are set to disabled.
  • The password character picking dialog now supports pre-defining the number of characters to pick; append :k in the placeholder to specify a length of k (for example, {PICKPASSWORDCHARS3:5} would be a placeholder with ID 3 and would pick 5 characters from the password); advantage: when having picked k characters, the dialog closes automatically, i.e. saves you to click [OK].
  • IDs in {PICKPASSWORDCHARSn} do not need to be consecutive anymore.
  • The password character picking dialog now first dereferences passwords (i.e. placeholders can be used here, too).
  • Added ‘-minimize’ command line option.
  • Added ‘-iousername’, ‘-iopassword’ and ‘-iocredfromrecent’ command line options.
  • Added ‘–auto-type’ command line option.
  • Added support for importing FlexWallet 1.7 XML files.
  • Added option to disable protecting the clipboard using the CF_CLIPBOARD_VIEWER_IGNORE clipboard format.
  • Added support for WebDAV URLs (thanks to Ryan Press).
  • Added shortcut keys in master key prompt dialog.
  • Added entry templates functionality (first specify an entry templates group in the database settings dialog, then use the ‘Add Entry’ toolbar drop-down button).
  • Added AceCustomConfig class (accessible through host interface), that allows plugins to store their configuration data in the KeePass configuration file.
  • Added ability for plugins to store custom data in KDBX database files (PwDatabase.CustomData).
  • Added interface for custom password generation algorithm plugins.
  • URLs in the entry preview window are now always clickable (especially including cmd:// URLs).
  • Added option to copy URLs to the clipboard instead of opening them (Options -> Interface, turned off by default).
  • Added option to automatically resize entry list columns when resizing the main window (turned off by default).
  • Added ‘Sync’ command in KPScript scripting tool.
  • Added FIPS compliance problems self-test (see FAQ for details about FIPS compliance).
  • Added Rijndael/AES block size validation and configuration.
  • Added NotifyIcon workaround for Mono under Mac OS X.
  • Added confirmation box for empty master passwords.
  • Added radio buttons in auto-type sequence editing dialog to choose between the default entry sequence and a custom one.
  • Added hint that group notes are shown in group tooltips.
  • Added test for KeePass 1.x plugins and an appropriate error message.
  • Added interface for writing master password requirements validation plugins.
  • Key provider plugin API: enhanced key query method by a context information object.
  • Key provider plugin API: added ‘DirectKey’ property to key provider base class that allows returning keys that are directly written to the user key data stream.
  • Key provider plugin API: added support for exclusive plugins.
  • The ‘-keyfile’ command line option now supports selecting key providers (plugins).
  • Auto-Type: added option to send an Alt keypress when only the Alt modifier is active (option enabled by default).
  • Added warning when trying to use only Alt or Alt-Shift as global hot key modifier.
  • TrlUtil: added search functionality and toolbar.
  • TrlUtil: version is now shown in the window title.

KeePass 2.08 Improvements / Changes:

  • Improved database file versioning and changed KDBX file signature in order to prevent older versions from corrupting newer files.
  • ShInstUtil now first tries to uninstall a previous native image before creating a new one.]
  • Improved file corruption error messages (instead of index out of array bounds exception text, …).
  • The ‘Open in Browser’ command now opens all selected entries instead of just the focused one.
  • Data-editing commands in the ‘Tools’ menu in the entry dialog are now disabled when being in history viewing mode.
  • Right arrow key now works correctly in group tree view.
  • Entry list is now updated when selecting a group by pressing a A-Z, 0-9 or numpad key.
  • Improved entry list performance and sorting behavior.
  • Improved splitter distance remembering.
  • Improved self-tests (KeePass now correctly terminates when a self-test fails).
  • The attachment column in the main window now shows the names of the attached files instead of the attachments count.
  • Double-clicking an attachment field in the main window now edits (if possible) or shows the first attachment of the entry.
  • Group modification times are now updated after editing groups.
  • Improved scrolling of the entry list in item grouping mode.
  • Changed history view to show last modification times, titles and user names of history entries.
  • KeePass now also automatically prompts to unlock when restoring to a maximized window.
  • Improved file system root directory support.
  • Improved generic CSV importer preview performance.
  • When saving a file, its path is not remembered anymore, if the option for opening the recently used file at startup is disabled.
  • Improved auto-type input blocking.
  • Instead of a blank text, the entry dialog now shows “(Default)” if the default auto-type sequence is used in a window-sequence association.
  • Most broadcasted Windows messages do not wait for hanging applications anymore.
  • Improved main window hiding at startup when the options to minimize after opening a database and to tray are enabled.
  • Default tray action is now dependent on mouse button.
  • New entries can now inherit custom icons from their parent groups.
  • Improved maximized state handling when exiting while the main window is minimized.
  • Improved state updating in key creation form.
  • Improved MRU list updating performance.
  • Improved plugin incompatibility error message.
  • Deprecated {DOCDIR}, use {DB_DIR} instead ({DOCDIR} is still supported for backward compatibility though).
  • Last modification times of TAN entries are now updated.
  • F12 cannot be registered as global hot key anymore, because it is reserved for kernel-mode / JIT debuggers.
  • Improved auto-type statement conversion routine in KeePass 1.x KDB file importer.
  • Improved column width calculation in file/data format dialog.
  • Improved synchronization status bar messages.
  • TrlUtil: base hash for forms is now computed using the form’s client rectangle instead of its window size.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.

KeePass 2.08 Bugfixes

  • Recycle bin is now cleared correctly when clearing the database.

Source: KeePass 2.08 News Release

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