LG 42LV3700: An incredible TV Experience

Note: This is a guest post written by Calvin Scott.

LG 42LV3700

LG 42LV3700 – In this day and age where the internet is a king and rules the world, it came as little surprise to anyone when the internet television was introduced to the world. It’s something new but at the same time something that everyone is already used to; really something good produced in a better form. But there are so many TV brands out there, some of them really good with a fantastic reputation, that it can be very hard to decide which one to go for when you have the purchasing power to buy any model of internet TV that you desire. The selection however can be narrowed down considerably because world famous LG brand has also cast its dice in the game. Say hello to the gorgeous LG 42LV3700.

LG 42LV3700 SlimInternet TVs are considered to be the smart TVs. The LG 42LV3700 is probably the smartest among them and there are a number of reasons for this. Foremost of all, let’s talk about some of the important specifications of the LG 42LV3700. It is a grand size at 42 inches but here is the best part; because it has a certain viewing angle, you can sit in almost any corner to watch it and the picture will look just as if you are sitting directly in front of it; the negative image doesn’t exist in the world of the LG 42LV3700.

To make things easy for its users, the TV offers a range of ports for a more incredible TV experience. You have access to not one or two HDMI ports, but three as well as two USB ports, an Ethernet port and another port so that you can connect your computer to the TV. You also have the option of being able to connect your LG 42LV3700 to external sound systems if you prefer to have a surround sound system in the room.


The LG 42LV3700 internet TV comes with wifi already built into the system. The obvious advantage of this is that you don’t have to make sure that your television is placed in a corner where a cable can reach it easily. In relation to, this is the reason why this LG TV is the talk of the town. This TV allows its users to have access that is virtually unlimited to everything that is good about the internet: you can watch millions of movies online, use just as many apps and play just as many games.

LG Internet TV

Here is the better part of that whole thing: it can all be done extremely simply via an easy to quick interface that anyone can get the hang of. Some internet TVs loose out because their user interfaces can be difficult to grasp and leave the whole experience a very bland one; but not so the LG. It goes the extra mile by already installing some of the most popular apps in the world in the system including Facebook, YouTube and NetFlix. And yeah, here’s the icing on the cake: the LG 42LV3700 is an HD TV. Here’s YouTube like you’ve never seen it before.

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