Melbourne sky lits up til 3rd of August to celebrate #TelstraAir launch

Telstra Air was launched over a month ago, which allows Telstra home broadband customers to use Telstra hotspots around the country using their broadband allowance data.

As a result, it feels as if you are always connected to your home Wi-Fi wherever you are standing or sitting near a Telstra Air hotspot around the country (and around the world).

Telstra Air Light showTelstra Air Light show

To officially celebrate the launch of Telstra Air with around 50,000 members joining the network, Melbournians will be in for an eye treat until the 3rd of August.

Starting from 30th of July to 3rd of August at 5:30p.m – 11:30p.m, 30 Telstra Air hotspots within Melbourne CBD are projecting white and magenta colored light beams into the Melbourne night sky.

So, don’t miss the chance of grabbing a selfie or enjoying the subtle light show while you are on and about this weekend in Melbourne (use the hashtag #TelstraAir if you are on Twitter).

I was also with the team at Telstra to celebrate together last night, along with Phoebe from Leaders in Heels and Chris from The AU Review.

Telstra Air celebration

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