May 2009 Traffic & Income Statistics

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This blog’s May 2009 traffic statistics: 30,584 visits with 41,935 pageviews.

  • Referring Sites – 10,014 visits
  • Search Engines – 18,175 visits
  • Direct Traffic – 2,394 visits
  • Other – 1 visits

Total money made in May 2009: $195.36

Referring Sites breakdown

referring sites may 2009

Money made online in May 2009 Breakdown

  • Google AdSense – $74.94
  • BuzzLogic – $13.50
  • Affiliate Sales – $29
  • Amazon Associates – $2.92
  • Private Advertising – $75

Total: $195.36.

Not a bad month although I was hoping to get at least a $100 a month from AdSense constantly. 958 AdSense clicks. If I can just get $1 a click, then I’ll be a millionaire in no time lol. As you can see as well, I’ve started to promote Amazon products since last month and the figure couldn’t even pay for my morning coffee but I think Amazon Associates has a potential.

May 2009 Post Highlights

Starting from this month, I’m going to be more active in getting more backlinks and also more traffic by:

  • Commenting on dofollow blogs.
  • Commenting on blogs with Top Commentators widget (dofollow or nofollow).
  • Commenting on top bloggers’ blogs that I like.
  • Commenting on dofollow discussion forums.
  • More active on Twitter. Follow me if you haven’t and I’ll follow you back!

It’s about time that I do something to this blog: to bring more traffic to it. It will not happen magically without any hard work. It’s probably a good time for you too.

So how’s your traffic & income last month? Feel free to share.

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