M-Edge Executive Jacket review for iPad

M-Edge Executive Jacket

The Executive Jacket from M-Edge is a nice and professional looking iPad case. Rather than covering the whole iPad screen’s frames, it leaves them exposed so you can enjoy looking at the lovely iPad design to its fullest. I like this better as some cases provide more protections in this area but at the cost of making your iPad looks uglier in a sense.

Once I opened the packaging, I could already sense a pleasant smell coming from the Executive Jacket’s leather material. The book-style case is definitely well made and the stitches are neatly done. Carrying the iPad with the Executive Jacket to a meeting or a lecture theatre gives you that professional and stylish look.

It’s available in 6 different colors by the time this review was written: Purple, Red, Black, Green, Mocha, and Fuchsia. I wish I got the Black or Mocha version but they are very popular and out of stock when I requested them. At the end, I got the Purple version as you can see from my screenshots in this review post which still looks elegant nevertheless. There is also an option to get the syntethic leather material instead for a cheaper price but only available in 2 different colors.

The M-Edge Executive Jacket utilizes a 4 point mounting system with closure straps. First you slide the iPad into the 2 bottom straps and then use the other 2 straps to tighten the iPad. I was afraid that the straps would come loose if I strapped/unstrapped them too often. After a few weeks though, the straps still firmly held my iPad in place sturdily.

The closure strap holds the case when closed but can be quite annoying if you leave it dangling around when the case is opened:

M-Edge Executive Jacket Review - closure strap

However, the team has designed the Executive Jacket to be used with the closure strap in different ways:

For typing on a desk:

M-Edge Executive Jacket Review - typing mode

M-Edge Executive Jacket Review - for typing

For movie viewing or photo frame mode:

M-Edge Executive Jacket Review - View movies

And even as a strap to hold the whole case with your hand, handy when you are showing photos to a group of people around you or to read books while you are lying on the bed (the later not really recommended as it gets heavier and heavier):

M-Edge Executive Jacket Review - held in hands

M-Edge Executive Jacket Review - hold iPad[6]

The closure strap is quite long so it takes a bit of effort to open/close the case. Thankfully the strap slides in and out easily so this process is a no brainer.

After a few weeks of using the Executive Jacket in different ways every day, I found some folding marks on the closure strap (and the case as well):

M-Edge Executive Jacket Review - Closure strap marks

The marks are quite understandable though, given the fact that you can use the closure strap in variety of ways. These marks are safely concealed when you close the case so it will not make the Executive Jacket looks funny when you carry it around.

As for the protection, the Executive Jacket comfortably protects the iPad without being bulky. Although it’s padded in a way to protect your iPad, the Executive Jacket takes a slimmer and more stylish approach. Other cases give a better protection at the expense of bulkiness. So whether you are looking for some degree of protection with style or a full-on padded case, it’s entirely up to you.

The iPad is positioned well inside the case (by a few centimetres), so if you bang the case accidentally, it shouldn’t scratch your iPad surface at all.

The Executive Jacket provides access to all the iPad buttons and jacks. However, I find that the top right strap slightly blocks the volume control a little bit, but you can still press it through the strap:

M-Edge Executive Jacket Review - volume control

It also provides elastic tabs in the interior side of the case for cable management – which is great if you decide to bring an earphone along with the case.

M-Edge Executive Jacket Review conclusion

Among all other cases that I have reviewed (or reviewing), I find that I’m geared towards using the M-Edge Executive Jacket a lot more than the others. The Executive Jacket gives a stylish yet professional look when you carry it around and provides good protection from bumps or scratches at the same time. The closure strap is a strap that does it all, allowing you to use your iPad in multiple ways and at the same time stylishly close the case like a book. Because of this design however, you cannot use your iPad instantly as you need to open/close the case. As such, if you never intend to carry your iPad out of the house, you might be better with the M-Edge Leisure Jacket instead.

It’s a bit unfortunate that the case is a bit plain looking since the surface has no other color stripes or patterns. Some prefer this however for a more simplistic look but a few patterns with a nice contrast color wouldn’t hurt, in my opinion.

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