Lytro upcoming camera – shoot first, focus later?

Lytro camera

Lytro’s camera is not just an ordinary digital camera. Its upcoming field camera can capture all travelled light rays in every direction. In simple term, it means that it can capture much more information than a traditional digital camera and as a result, you can decide which area of the scene to focus later – among other nifty features.

This “shoot first, focus later” is definitely one of the most innovative features I’ve known in digital photography. This way, you can simply shoot at a scene and worry about what you want to focus later on using a software (post processing), so you can quickly take more important shots.

Don’t understand or believe what I mean? Try this yourself (try clicking on a different point in the photo to re-focus):

(More samples of the upcoming camera from Lyro can be seen on the Lytro’s camera picture gallery)

Amazed yet? However, the Lytro’s camera may make you a lazier photographer by taking photos without having a good thought about them before you press that shutter button: What do I want to focus on here? Does this scene make any sense? Have I got the right angle? Will this photo tell the story I want it to tell?

Nevertheless, the camera is still a powerful tool to have, whether you are a beginner or an expert in digital photography. It’s unclear how much will this camera cost but it’s coming out some time this year.

If you want to know more or to be notified when more info about the camera is released, feel free to subscribe and check Lytro official site.


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