G Data Antivirus 2012 and more

G Data Antivirus 2012

G Data Antivirus 2012 has just been released, among with the other software suite – I haven’t used any of the G Data security suite before but if you do, you’d be happy to know that there is an upgrade to their product line. The G Data 2012 updated products are the G Data Antivirus 2012, G Data InternetSecurity 2012, G Data TotalSecurity, and G Data NotebookSecurity 2012.

G Data Antivirus 2012 is probably the most basic software out of the whole security suite and should be enough for most casual users. However, it doesn’t seem to include hacking and spam protection, so you might want to grab the G Data Internet Security 2012 or the more premium ones if you want a more complete package. Or go for the NotebookSecurity if you are a notebook user.

The G Data 2012 products comparison can be seen on the G Data Home Security page or below:

G Data 2012 comparison table

The G Data 2012 product suite claims to have 99.7% virus detection rates, performance increase, usability, and less usage resources. The G Data Internet Security 2012 is also a new product and ideal for internet users who want to protect their PC against viruses and spam from their browsing activities or through their Outlook inbox.

The G Data Antivirus 2012 adds a new idle scan feature which scans your system automatically when it’s idle so you will not be interrupted, yet having a secure and safe system. The other feature is the cloud-based analysis of suspicious files, protecting your system against recent threats like viruses, worms, or trojans.

The G Data NotebookSecurity looks interesting as it is tailored specifically to protect Notebook users from prying eyes (as you are most likely travel with your business documents or other important files with you on the go with your notebook).

Note: They have a trial version so if you are planning to give them a try and I would encourage you to come back here and give a feedback about G Data Antivirus 2012 or the other products.

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