Let the bots do your housework and keep your hands clean at all times – XCLEA H30 Plus Review

XCLEA H30 Plus Review – All these vacuum cleaner bots we have are nice to have, but there is just that one thing that people hate. And that is having to open the unit, take the bin out, and throw the dirt and dust to your bigger trash bin.

It’s a regular annoyance and unfortunately, quite unhygienic at times because you normally have to get your hands dirty when taking the dust and dirt out.

H30 Plus from XCLEA is a smart robot vacuum and mop cleaner with cleaning base that automatically collects dust from the vacuum bot’s compartment and transfer them to the bigger dust bag. This happens without manual interference so you can keep your hands elsewhere.

Not only that, the bot has advanced sensors and tech and can also do vacuuming and mopping at the same time.

XCLEA H30 Plus Packaging Contents

XCLEA H30 Plus Review – Design & Features

XCLEA H30 Plus has great looks and design (both the vacuum cleaner bot and the charging/cleaning base). Both would definitely fit in modern home nicely.

The base has a big, 3 litre dust bag that can hold up 2,000m2 area of dust. During my few weeks of testing the product on our ground floor living area (which is about 6m x 7.5m), I couldn’t get it to full – which is a good thing. It also contains a unique antibacterial and deodorising system but in all honesty, I didn’t try sniffing too close into the bag to confirm this.

It’s easy to open the lid of the base to replace the dust bag if you need to. And the dust bag itself also has a smart ring lid design that blocks the dust bag opening when you pull it out of the base. This keeps all dirt and dust at bay so you can safely make a trip to throw it away into a larger bin. Push the ring lid back and the opening will be exposed, ready for the charging/cleaning base to transfer dust and dirt to it.

The base has a display that dynamically changes to show information such as the current battery level of the vacuum cleaner bot, etc.

As far as technology goes, XCLEA H30 Plus is equipped with state-of-the-art vacuuming technology like LDS 4.0 LIDAR Navigation and Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) Technology. LDS 4.0 is more sophisticated than the previous versions equipped in some of the vacuum cleaner bots in the market. Here is a comparison table between the LDS versions from XCLEA:

With the app, you can check all the mapping and set up advanced options that LDS 4.0 support (see above picture), or basic things like scheduled cleaning, suction power, etc.

I’m amazed at how accurate the mapping of the floor is. It can even successfully detect our kitchen bench and also our 1-year-old son’s playpen. I wish we can test and use XCLEA H30 Plus on our first floor where all the rooms are, but there are just too many cables and stuff lying around the floor at the moment (which all vacuum cleaner bots will struggle to get through).

Thanks to the LDS 4.0, rooms are created automatically and you can merge rooms together in the app. You can’t seem to manually create your own rooms (that would be too advanced) but it’s good enough that you can send XCLEA H30 Plus bot to clean only specific rooms, area, or even spot quickly.

For example, you may have guests coming and sitting in the living room. Once everyone leaves, you can ask the vacuum cleaner bot to vacuum and mop just the living room. You can even set the cleaning intensity quickly from the app. Very useful.

You can create virtual walls to block the bot from going into certain rooms and a “No-Go-Zone” to avoid certain area containing valuables or just things that it should avoid, like carpeted area when you are doing a mop job.

So how well does the unit do the job? Surprisingly, it exceeds my expectations. The laid-out map is quite accurate and the bot also manoeuvres under the table between all the chair and table legs really well. A few vacuum cleaner bots got stuck on our kitchen mat but the H30 Plus climbs on top of it like a champ.

I had a close look at how the bot does its job around the ground floor from the app and I can confirm that it covers 100% of the area, which I’m happy about. I also like that I can ask it to just do a specific area easily.

You can connect it to Alexa if you have Amazon Echo devices lying around the house like the Amazon Echo Show 10 or the Echo Dot Clock. This allows you to use voice commands.

XCLEA H30 Plus in action:

XCLEA H30 Plus Review Conclusion

XCLEA H30 Plus is my go-to robot vacuum cleaner in the house now, thanks to the advanced charging/cleaning base and all the tech inside the bot itself. It has advanced features that you can set using the app, daily scheduling, both vacuuming and mopping, and most importantly, does the job really well with full coverage around the house.

The base works really well too in emptying the vacuum cleaner bot’s bin (warning: it’s loud!) and the bag design also makes it really hygienic as I never have to touch any of the dust and dirt. Plus, replacing the bag also happens rarely which means you can now really “set it and forget it”. Simply schedule the H30 Plus daily and you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that its bin will never go full.

You’ll get an app notification when it’s time to replace that bag inside the cleaning base – which unfortunately has to be purchased separately from XCLEA.

XCLEA H30 Plus is definitely the most sophisticated vacuum cleaning & mopping bot solution I’ve ever encountered so far. Do note that other brands are also releasing vacuum cleaner bots with a charging/cleaning base, so make sure to do the feature comparisons before you make a purchase.

But if you are eyeing on the XCLEA H30 Plus, you are not going to be disappointed for sure! Make sure to check their Indiegogo project as well back in 2020 for more information.

Disclosure: XCLEA H30 Plus review sample was supplied for reviewing

XCLEA H30 Plus


Sophisticated vacuum cleaner bot with LDS 4.0 LIDAR Navigation and Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) Technology. Also comes with a charging & cleaning base, keeping your hands clean at all times


  • Elegant and modern design
  • Equipped with advanced LDS 4.0
  • Navigate around the house swiftly and painlessly
  • Can vacuum and mop
  • Can do area and room cleaning, virtual walls set-up, etc
  • Hygienic, hands never get dirty even when you have to replace the bin bag on the charging/cleaning base
  • Support multi floors
  • Alexa support


  • Have to buy the bag replacement from XCLEA
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