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iPhone Xs Max Accessories from 3SIXT

While iPhone Xs Max looks beautiful and it also has a new, reinforced glass, you’ll know for sure that protection is still pretty much needed. Especially if you are paying for a $2,000 phone.

3SIXT offers many options from slim cases to wallet cases to protect your iPhone Xs Max from scratches or worst, shattering to pieces.

3SIXT SlimFolio for iPhone Xs Max

3SIXT SlimFolio for iPhone Xs Max is an elegant looking, lightweight case. As the name suggests, this is one of the slimmest cases that 3SIXT offers and definitely made for those who want a slimmer case for their iPhone Xs Max.

3SIXT SlimFolio Case 3SIXT SlimFolio Case

The surface feels very nice to the touch and covers both the front and rear of the phone. With the magnetic closure on the front cover, the screen is fully protected but it’s still easy to flip open.

3SIXT SlimFolio Case Review 3SIXT SlimFolio Case Review 3SIXT SlimFolio Case Review 3SIXT SlimFolio Case Review

Power and volume buttons are protected but unlike most other cases, they are not stiffed to press (something that I hate most). In fact, they give a very soft and tactile feel. Definitely a plus here.

3SIXT iPhone Xs Max Accessories-9 3SIXT iPhone Xs Max Accessories-8

The camera is protected to avoid scratching the lens when you place the phone on a flat surface too.

3SIXT SlimFolio has a built-in stand for watching videos with multiple viewing angles. Perfect for those who like to watch movies as they have their lunch.

3SIXT NeoWallet for iPhone Xs Max

3SIXT NeoWallet is an elegant looking case made with genuine leather that also has a nice look and feel. It’s a 2-in-1 case that acts as a phone case to protect your iPhone, but also as a small wallet with an ID Window.

3SIXT NeoWallet for iPhone Xs Max Case 3SIXT NeoWallet for iPhone Xs Max Case3SIXT NeoWallet for iPhone Xs Max Case 3SIXT NeoWallet for iPhone Xs Max Case

With a similar magnetic clasp closure, it’s easy to open and close the front cover (such as when you receive calls). Buttons are well-protected with the same tactile feel as the SlimFolio.

A few cards can be placed in the case, such as a credit card or even a photo ID like your driving license. Quite handy if you are only carrying a couple of cards in the wallet.

3SIXT NeoWallet for iPhone Xs Max Case 3SIXT NeoWallet for iPhone Xs Max Case

Even though the NeoWallet is thicker and heavier than the SlimFolio, you can still charge your iPhone Xs Max wirelessly with it.

3SIXT Curved Glass Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

With a 9H Hardness rating, this screen protector is a tough one to scratch. A 9H Hardness rating means it will survive from many day to day objects like keys, coins, pencils, etc. It’s also a tempered glass which will take the first impact, preventing your screen to shatter.

It’s curved to match your iPhone Xs Max dimension and the notch, and will work even with minimalist cases. There is no applicator tool like what Belkin provides, but has instructions and necessary tools to apply (i.e: wipe cloth, dust removal sticker, and a screen wipe cloth)

To check what other cases 3SIXT has to offer for your iPhone Xs Max, make sure to visit their official page.

Disclosure: Samples were supplied but all opinions are mine and not paid

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