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iPhone X Accessories (Evo Tactical & Impact Shield Self-Heal Screen Protector) from Tech21

Tech21 Evo Tactical iPhone X Case and Self Heal Screen ProtectorTech21 is a familiar brand in Australia and this time, they have some great line-ups for the new iPhone X.

The ones I have here to look at are the Evo Tactical case and also a screen protector that can amazingly self-heal itself. Be sure to check out our iPhone X review if you are still wondering whether to get it or not.

Tech21 Evo Tactical Case

Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-4 Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-5

The Evo Tactical iPhone X case offers a great protection for your iPhone X from drops up to 3 meters (or 10 feet). Now, this has been tested quite extensively by tech21 and the test was not conducted just once, but multiple times.

Most of the time, we’d probably drop our phone within a 1-meter height distance, such as when you accidentally drop your iPhone while taking a picture, or when you take it out of your pocket. So in a way, you really get a good value out of this case.

Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-6 Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-7

Tech21 also goes all the way by providing facts of the tests they conducted:

“By drop testing our Evo Tactical cases 20 times in a bespoke impact testing machine, we capture up to 90,000 raw data points and carry out up to 1.5 million calculations for each drop”.

If that’s not good enough for you, have a look at this Aussie tossing his iPhone X with the Evo Tactical case at random people. It seems that his iPhone X did survive the crazy stunts despite of falling onto the floor numerous amount of times.

The case covers the whole iPhone body with access to charging ports, speakers and buttons.

Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-8 Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-9

Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-10 Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-12

Despite of the thickness of the whole case, I find that wireless charging still works with the iPhone X inside the case using my Belkin Wireless Charging pad. A thumbs up!

Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-13

Tech21 Impact Shield Screen Protector with Self Heal

Tech21 Impact Schield

With materials used in bulletproof glass (BulletShield technology), Tech21 Impact Shield Screen Protector with Self Heal is one tough screen protector. It comprises of three layers:

  • A self-healing top layer to spread the impact force to the whole surface and protects again scratches
  • The BulletShield layer to absorb impact force
  • The soft base layer to absorb the remaining forces as the final layer of protection

The unique self-healing surface uses a reflowing polymer that smoothen out day-to-day scratches which sounds really cool. Tech21offers a safety of mind by giving you a lifetime warranty on the screen protector, which they’ll replace for free. Make sure to double check the FAQ for the terms and conditions.

Tech21 knows how frustrating it is to apply a screen protector perfectly, so they include a unique applicator in the packaging to help you out.

Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-2 Tech21 iPhone X case screen protector-3

Make sure to go and check Tech21 other range of iPhone X cases and screen protectors!

Disclosure: Tech21 iPhone X Evo Tactical case and Impact Shield Self-Heal screen protector were supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

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