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iPad Titan Desktop Stand Review

Maclove Titan iPad Stand ReviewThe Maclove Titan is an iPad stand that is simplistic yet the best looking iPad stand out there in my opinion. It is designed to hold your iPad securely in either Portrait or Landscape orientation for easy viewing.

The stand can also be rotated easily to quickly switch between Portrait and Landscape view.

The first word that came out of my mouth when I looked at the Titan’s screenshot and the product when I unboxed the packaging was “Wow!”. It looks sexy and very sleek in the design department. The Titan doesn’t have complicated textures or extra features that you can throw in on an iPad stand. It’s simply.. a beautiful stand. The design is very minimalist but at the same time gives a modern look. In fact, it actually makes my iPad looks better somehow when I put it on the Titan.

Titan iPad Stand Review -  recharging
You can charge the iPad on the Titan

The initial set-up requires you to screw the “M” piece with the stand but it was a no brainer. You had to pick the position/angle of the stand when you put the 2 pieces together though. As such, if you require a different angle position, you have to loosen the screw, move the “M” piece up or down, and tighten the screw again. It can be troublesome if you want to change your view angle frequently.

Titan iPad Stand Review - screw

Once the pieces are in, you can rotates the stand horizontally or vertically (clock wise and counter clock wise) without having to touch the screw mechanism anymore. The Maclove Titan makes it easy if you ever want to switch between reading an e-book to watching a movie, for example. My previous unboxing video shows this clearly:

Check the last part of the video to see the different angles

The Maclove Titan is made from light-weight Aluminium, so it is very sturdy on my computer desk. It’s also very light-weight so I tend to move it around my house often with my iPad on it.

Most of the time it will sit on my computer table so I can play games on it while doing some blogging work on my desktop computer.

Titan iPad Stand Review - on Desktop

Around midnight, the Titan will be on my bedside table so I can do some reading on my iPad or listen to some music while I’m lying down on the bed.

Titan iPad Stand Review - Bedside table

If I ever need to do “number 2”, the Titan will be on top of the bathroom cabinet, next to my toilet bowl so I can play some games while doing “the thing”.

Titan iPad Stand Review - Bathroom

Haven’t done this yet but if I ever decide to do some cooking, I’m going to bring it to my kitchen table with the Epicurious app open for some new nice recipes.

Titan iPad Stand Review -  Kitchen

Although this is possible with all the iPad stand that you can think of out there, the Titan is so light weight even with the iPad on it that it actually encourages you to move it around without having to take the iPad out. It also provides the best experience so far from an iPad stand. It’s like having your personal wireless computer console on a high-tech environment. I can imagine this stand being used on mini market or small shop counters.

The process of putting your iPad on the Maclove Titan is also very simple. The Titan has four rubber corners to hold the iPad firmly without scratching the iPad corners.

Titan iPad Stand Review - hold firm
It's sturdy enough to make me dare doing this

What you need to do is position the iPad bottom corners on the Titan bottom parts and then simply do a gentle push on the top to fit in the other 2 top corners. It is that simple! It only takes less than 3 seconds to “dock” and “undock” your iPad on the Titan.

Titan iPad Stand Review - four rubber corners

Maclove Titan iPad Stand Review Conclusion

Titan iPad Stand Review -Conclusion

The Maclove Titan is an excellent iPad stand in terms of quality, looks, and usability. It is instantaneous to put the iPad on, light enough to carry it around your house even with the iPad on, and durable because of the Aluminium material. The only thing that Titan is missing is probably a built-in charger for your iPad while it’s on the stand :)

As for the cons, you can’t change the viewing angle quickly and it does get a bit wobbly when you interact with your iPad on the stand if you press it with force.

You’ll definitely experience love at first sight with the Maclove Titan! The major drawback is probably the price. It is retail at AU$129 by the time this review was written but currently slashed to AU$69 at iGoodies.com.au). If you don’t mind spending some money for your iPad though, the Maclove Titan is one of the best iPad stand you can find at the moment. If you have 5 iPad and 5 Maclove Titan at home, put one of each in every room and enjoy the best technology experience ever :D

Check Maclove Titan out at iGoodies as well as other accessories for your iPad.

Note: Maclove Titan was provided by iGoodies for the review

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