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Incoming Facebook mail and an upgrade to Messages

Facebook email

Finally, a new innovation in the technology world after some time. This is like Google Wave, but certainly greater and more useable. Want a @facebook.com email address? Even if you think that you will not part with your Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, this upcoming feature is worth having a look. Facebook does not just add an extra email service on top of their services, but instead integrate it with the new Messages.

In short summary from the new Messages feature’s FAQ:

The new Messages interface not only displays the Facebook messages you exchange with friends, but it also interweaves your chats, texts and emails (should you choose to create an @facebook.com address). It’s a central place to control all of your private communication, both on and off Facebook.

Now when you view a conversation, you’re actually looking at a complete history of all the communication you’ve shared with that person on Facebook — it’s like having an ongoing record of your friendship.

Or in summary, the Facebook team basically wants to combine/integrate all different communication channels into one, so you don’t have to remember which medium to use for which friends. I think this is a cool idea. I’ve used messages quite a lot and totally love how I can send to a few people at the same time. Since 95% of my friends are on Facebook, this is often the best way to communicate to multiple people at the same time.

With the latest Group feature, which we’ve been using to communicate to 20 people (our Christmas Play team), I cannot wait to check the New Facebook Messages out. I’m still not sure how the email address would work in all this but for now, the feature is still not being released to public yet and it’s invite only.

If you are interested, register your interest for Facebook Email/Chat/New Messages integration.

If you are still confused about all these jargons, watch this video below, it’s worth a watch and explains clearly (I hope) what this new Messages is all about.

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