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HTC Touch Pro 2

HTC Touch Pro2
Ahh…the sexy looking phone from HTC, the HTC Touch Pro 2. Just want to let you know that it’s currently on its way to me via DHL Express :D

HTC Touch Pro 2 is the successor of HTC Touch Pro. It’s a Windows Mobile Device, powered with Windows Mobile 6.1 but it’s upgradeable to the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5.

I actually got a free iPhone from my new 24 month AU$49/month Vodafone (a mobile carrier) plan last week but I sold it to a friend because I’m not an iPhone lover :) Call me stupid but I’m more into a Windows Mobile user and I’ve fallen in love with HTC products (I’m currently using HTC P3600i). So I was using the money to pre-order HTC Touch Pro 2 :)

What I love about HTC Touch Pro 2 (from reading some early reviews and specifications):

  • It has a QWERTY Keyboard (I wasn’t a fond of using keyboard on a phone before but after constant scratches using a stylus, I’m sold)
  • More processor, more memory compared to my HTC P3600i. Meaning I can put more applications and I can turn on the text-to-speech feature of my GPS application, TechrificWay.
  • Bigger screen (at the expense of a larger/bulkier phone to fit on my pocket though).
  • Cool UI of TouchFlo 3D. Forget of installing it on my old phone, even though you can get it through some ROM hackings.
  • It has the best speaker phone feature (2 microphone + noise cancellation chip).
  • Teleconferencing capabilities (talk to multiple friends at the same time – cool! Something to show off to my friends heh heh)
  • Tilt Screen for long typing sessions (blogging can never be easier without a laptop)
    HTC Touch Pro 2

I’ll stop talking as this really is not a review post on HTC Touch Pro 2 (I haven’t even gotten it yet. I’ll either get it on Friday or early next week). So stay tune on this blog and don’t forget to subscribe via your email or an RSS reader to be notified when an HTC Touch Pro 2 review post is published on this blog.

htc touch pro 2 delivery
Come on, DHL! Can’t you go any faster??

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