Find out who hosts a URL

who host a url

While browsing for a new hosting, I was curious to find out what hosting hosts the big blogger blogs. I then found a site called Who is hosting this that easily finds out who hosts a URL.

It helps you identify which hosting should you go to when your blog has reached a certain stage of maturity.

Why find out who hosts a great blogger’s blog?

Because a great blogger has been around for years and he/she must have done all the research to find out which hosting is suitable for his/her blog. Since the blog is popular (and most likely had hit the Digg’s front page in the past at least once), a good hosting service is needed to eliminate any downtime possible.

To find out who hosts a URL, simply type the URL/domain name on the search field and press the search button. For example, I peeked on who is hosting Darren’s

who hosts problogger

After a visit to Logicworks, I know straight away that the hosting plan is an overkill to my tiny blog :D

Nevertheless, when the time comes, you know where to look for!

I’m considering to move from LunarPages to HostGator now because HostGator has the 2 most important things that I need: a CPU usage stats on the cPanel to monitor my account’s CPU usage and it will help migrating every files & database from the old hosting to HostGator for free.

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