Google Reader is Dead. Looking for Google Reader Alternatives?

Google Reader Alternatives

Google Reader Alternatives – Google Reader is dead, or at least it’s dying. Google, through an official blog post about Google Reader being discontinued (and through a pop-up when you visit Google Reader), announced that as of July 1, 2013, Google Reader will be retired.

Google Reader has been one of the most popular RSS readers (what is RSS?). It has a simple and minimalist interface, great to handle many RSS subscriptions from different sites and blogs. Fret not. There are lots of other Google Reader alternatives out there.

Google Reader Alternatives

  1. FlipboardFlipboard
    If you want an RSS reader with prettier, magazine style interface, look no further than the Flipboard. You can select popular sites based on categories, from Facebook or Twitter feed, and even by entering a direct RSS feed of your favorite sites and blogs. There is no desktop version, unfortunately (at least, not yet?). This has been my favorite on the iPad.

    Flipboard website


  2. PulsePulse RSS Reader

    Pulse is also another powerful and beautiful RSS reader. It can also sync across different devices and have the “Read it later” feature if you have found something interesting but no time to read them yet.

    Pulse website

  3. NetvibesNetvibes

    Netvibes, though not actually an RSS reader, offers much, much more. Probably not a good choice if you are just after a simple RSS reader but have a look on their website to find out whether they offer things that you have been looking for so far. There’s the free and also premium accounts for more.


  4. FeedlyFeedly

    If you just want a good RSS reader as an extension/add-on for your favorite browser, you can simply use Feedly. Feedly is available as an extension to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. On your mobile device, Feedly is also available as an app (iOS and Android).

    Feedly relies on Google Reader’s feed but the Feedly team has assured us that they have been working on a project called Normandy, which is a feedly clone of the Google Reader API. If you don’t understand what this means, they are simply saying to just use Feedly and they’ll take care of everything for you later on behind the scene (when Google Reader is closed).


I’m sure there are tons of other RSS readers out there  as Google Reader alternatives. What are you using? Please share your favorite (or the one you are using now) to us at the comment section below.

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