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How to explain RSS to your non techie friends

RSS Feed IconI was browsing some other blogs through Entrecard.com, and found a nice post that embeds a video explaining what RSS is. It’s a very good video and simple to understand.

Honestly, I didn’t even know what RSS is all about until the beginning of this year :) (Yes, It’s true!)

If you want to know the basic of what RSS is all about or if a friend asks you about it, just point them to this video (read more for the video) :)

So you understand what an RSS feed now? If you like my posts and would like to know when I post a new one, you can either use the old way (bookmark my site and re-visit it every now and then) or try the new way with RSS feed!

*Persuasion mode ON* You can either subscribe to my RSS feed using your favorite RSS reader, or if you haven’t got one, use the Google Reader as mentioned on the video. You can simply click on this button below to add my RSS feed to your Google Reader:

Add to Google

PS: I still fall in love with the “old ways” though, lol

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