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Google PageRank Update 2011 – PR4 for Craving Tech!

Google Pagerank update 2011

Google PageRank Update 2011, June – According to bloggers at Twitter, blogs, and forums, there was a recent Google PageRank update about 1-2 days ago. I didn’t feel too excited because Craving Tech’s PageRank had stayed around PR3 for a couple of years so I wasn’t expecting anything unusual in the recent Google PageRank update. To my surprise, Google has finally increased Craving Tech’s PageRank to 4!

Yeah, yeah, it does not matter about PageRank, it’s all about content and everything. But having a good PageRank does not hurt, right? :)

I’m quite excited for the future of Craving Tech as traffic has been better than ever after some SEO optimizations I did with the help of a plug-in. Post about the plug-in is coming soon in a  few days but to tease you a bit, here is a screenshot of my traffic after I made that optimizations:

SEO traffic

(that’s from around 1,800 unique visitors a day to around 3,500 day)

So stay tuned for that post on the SEO plug-in I use if you want to know more.

Meanwhile, how’s the Google PageRank Update 2011 in June for you?

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