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Travel in 3D

Whether you are on the search of new and exciting travel ground with a view to booking your next overseas excursion, or whether you simply like to expand your global horizons and geographical knowledge from the comfort of your own home, there can be no better way to get a closer glimpse of the far flung corners of the world than via a 3DTV travel programme.

Your television travel experience could take you on a deep sea diving expedition of the east coast of Australia, providing you with detailed and captivating footage of the underwater world exposed through such explorations. It could catapult you across to Eastern Europe and the beautiful Black Sea city of Odessa, allowing you to experience the delights of the Opera House and the Old Town in such vivacity you can almost breathe the fresh sea air yourself. Or perhaps it could take you into the desert wastes of North West Africa, scanning the long horizons and sandstorms of Morocco and its neighbours.

A range of television companies, including major player Sky, now offer 3D television packages for which travel and geography programmes form a major component. There are also a range of 3DTV cinema events taking place across the country, featuring a range of exotic destinations and travel themes. Check out your nearest 3D cinema for details of new releases in your area.

The intensity of the 3DTV phenomenon lends itself perfectly to the art of plunging viewers into an entirely foreign terrain, climate and culture. The clarity of the picture and the vividness of colour allows us to get even closer to those curious parts of the globe about which we have always longed to know more. With 3D television the educational process no longer feels like a chore. Better than looking at guidebooks or reading articles in newspapers, a crystal clear moving picture can really give you an idea of the experience of being immersed within a particular place or culture, acting as an excellent preview for the real-life experience or as a fascinating glimpse of an unknown world.

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