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Google Page Speed Service – Google has just announced a new service called Google Page Speed Service. Unfortunately, this new service is still under invitation only (though you can register your interest and pray that you’ve got invited) and it seems that this service will not be free when it goes live. Pricing hasn’t been announced as of yet.

Google Page Speed Service is basically an online service by Google that automatically speeds up loading of your web pages, a la CDN service.

How Google Page Speed Service works

Google Page Speed Service

Google will fetch content from your originated server (where your site is hosted at), rewrite your pages with optimizations, and then serve your site contents through the Google servers around the world. You have to point your site’s DNS entry to Google’s though (redirecting your site’s domain name to Google’s servers) like any other CDN service. Your site visitors won’t see any difference apart from having a better and faster load times. Google Page Speed Service concatenates CSS files, compress images, cache, and many other optimizations automatically behind the scene.

According to Google, they’ve seen speed improvements of 25-60% on several sites. If you want to know how quicker can your website be with Google Page Speed Service, you can try it on webpagetest compare page. I’d recommend to wait a little bit though. Ever since the announcement of this service was made yesterday, takes ages to run your test through.

To register your interest and pray to be invited, go to Google Page Speed Service sign up page.

To know more: Page Speed Service.

As I mention though, this will be a paid service, not free. If you want to get roughly the same speed optimization for free, make sure you install these recommended plug-ins and service:

If you look at my first image on this post, you can see that my blog is quite good already, though can still see some improvements if I use Google Page Speed Service.

What’s your blog’s speed now and with Google Page Speed Service?

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