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Google +1 – An Effective Social Media Tool?

This is a guest post by Tanya, who is an innovative writer and expert in writing articles on databases design and web site developers.

Google Plus One

In June 2011, Google publically launched its latest social tool called Google +1. It is available for the webmasters to add the +1 button to their sites. This is similar to the share button on Facebook or Tweet button on Twitter. Many users can share the resources online with the help of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. In Google plus, you can create profiles similar to that of other social networking sites or if you already have an account, you just use the plus one button on the websites. This button has a power to determine your friends search terms and you will see the recommendations through Google about what your friend’s like.

So what is the idea behind the Google +1 button?

It is used to share your websites with your friends you know through Gmail, chat contacts, and the people who follow through Google Buzz and Google Reader. You must be signed in before you use this service. When you find something useful to others, simply click the +1 button that is visible next to the search result. It allows you to share the information to your friends that you like this page and has found something useful back to your Google Dashboard, so you can delete the websites that you no longer like.

This new feature by Google will play an important role in Google‘s calculation of a websites organic search engine ranking. They say that the visitors who like your website can recommend it by using the +1 button. It is very useful for the people who track their websites in organic search results.

Will Google +1 become an effective tool to measure your websites in reality?

It doesn’t make sense how people will use this +1 button. Are they wishing us to go back to the search results and click the +1 button after we found the information helpful? Most of them won’t do that, right? We can easily share that via Facebook and Twitter instead.

Anyway, Google +1 is valuable in itself but it doesn’t hurt Facebook and Twitter since they are the most considerable social networking sites for the services they offer.

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