Get paid 1 cent for surfing a site for 20 seconds!

Remember those old times when you were paid to surf websites? This time is kinda different. Instead of asking you to download and install bloated spyware program that detects when you are actively surfing for sites, you only need to click on a link (which will open a new tab) and keep that opened site tab/window active for 20 seconds. Easy!

If you are in front of your compute whole day, why don’t you make use of it to generate some cash?

I’ve just joined yesterday after hearing about the site in a forum. Getting paid for 1 cent just to click on a link and leave it for 20 seconds sound good to me. Besides having to register to use the service, you have nothing to lose.

This is how it works:

  1. Register
  2. Go to the “Surf Ads” section and links to advertisers’ sites will be listed there
  3. Click one by one (only one at a time) which will open up a new tab window of the site
  4. Just leave it open for 20 seconds (you don’t even have to make that tab active)
  5. After 20 seconds, you can close the tab and start clicking on the next link
  6. After all available links have been clicked, you can click on them again on the next day
  7. If you refer someone and he/she views a site, you’ll get 1 cent too.

Payment is made to your PayPal account at minimum of $5.

Try it out and have a go at it, as you really have nothing to lose (no installations or obligations whatsoever).

The site that’s offering the service is called SurfPay. Click on the "Sign up Now" link at the bottom left. I’d really appreciate if you can put me as a referral when you sign up (My referral id: michaelra). I won’t put an affiliate link on the SurfPay link above, but if you like this post, please kindly put me as your referrer!

I do hope that this program is not going downhill and more advertisers will come on board.

PS: If you are having problems with the site, try using Internet Explorer (my Firefox caching was acting up yesterday)

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