Game longer with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery Pack


Nintendo Switch’s versatility with its Joy-Con controllers has made many console gamers happy, including myself (check out my review on the Nintendo Switch). When the TV is used by a family member to watch Soap Opera, I could take the console out from its cradle and play on the couch. When friends come over, I could split the controllers into two and play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The Joy-Con controllers have great battery life (around 20 hours) and easy to charge. However, there were times when we forgot to charge our Joy-Con controllers and the battery was running low. We then could not play because charging the Joy-Con requires them to be plugged into a charging device (i.e the console, or other charging solutions).

But thanks to this Joy-Con AA Battery Pack, you can now charge your Joy-Con Controllers on the go with the help of 2x AA batteries.


Note that the product is not a Joy-Con controller that runs on AA batteries but rather, an extension to it (so, the packaging itself does not come with the Joy-Con controllers). The Battery Pack needs to be attached to an existing Joy-Con controller, which will then charge the controller while you are using it.

It adds bulk to the existing Joy-Con controller in a good way, especially if you have larger hands. More comfort, more battery life, we really can’t complain. There is no on/off switch button, so if you just want to use the Battery Pack for the comfort, you should take the AA batteries out of the compartments.

IMG_2709 IMG_2707

We have friends coming over on the weekend to play Mario Kart 8 (4 players) so batteries tend to fall short if we have not charged all controllers evenly beforehand. Thanks to this Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery Pack, we now always has a backup plan.

According to Nintendo, the included Alkaline AA batteries (2 on each unit) can fully charge the Joy-Con controller approximately one time. That means another extra 20 hours or so of playing time.

Definitely worth getting if you always find yourself in a flat battery situation while you game on the Nintendo Switch!


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery Pack can be purchased for AU$49 at the retail stores by the time this article is written.

Disclosure: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery Pack review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid.

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