Fitbit just released its most stylish wristband


Fitbit Blaze is coming and it gets some of us excited. After all, it’s the first Fitbit product that looks like a watch. Some, however, still prefer a wristband-style Fitbit like the good old days.

The latest Fitbit Alta will do the trick. It’s the latest Fitbit fitness wristband that looks stylish and fashionable. You can tailor it for different occasions and do a mix-and-match with what you wear.

Fitbit Alta is a fusion of fitness and fashion. Sure, it still looks like a Fitbit product but it’s slimmer and sleeker. It can also be personalised with different wristbands from a soft leather option to a more luxurious silver bangle that can be swapped easily.

This modular design allows you to wear Fitbit Alta as a fashion accessory, rather than being a mere fitness band.

Fitbit Alta Classic Black

Fitbit Alta Silver Bangle

Upon launch, these following accessories will be available for purchase:

  • Classic fitness bands (black, blue, teal and plum) at $49.95 AUD
  • Luxe soft, premium hide leather bands (graphite and blush pink) at $99.95 AUD. A camel version is coming.
  • Luxe hand-polished stainless steel silver bangle at $169.95 AUD is coming soon, and shiny gold bangle available later this year in 2016.

Yes, even in gold!

Fitbit Alta Gold

Seems that geeky, boring wristbands were things in the past!

Fitbit Alta is available for $199.95 AUD for pre-order on Fitbit website and will be available in major Australian retail stores like Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks and Rebel Sport from March 2016.

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