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Amazon Echo is on the rise

Amazon EchoNote: This is a guest post written by Aravind Rajendran

Amazon Echo Review – Amazon Echo, a wireless speaker and amazing device for voice commands is an exceptionally brilliant device available from Amazon. This 9.25-inch cylinder-like unit comes integrated with an array of 7-microphones. It is always on and designed on beamforming technology that allows user to hear voices across the room, even when music is playing.

Amazon Echo can be connected to an ultimate voice service called Alexa, a cloud-based voice service that provides valuable information, answers your typical or easy questions, lets you play music, read news, and many more things. You simply need to ask question and you’ll get your answer instantly. Amazon Echo starts functioning when it hears the wake word that can be set and customized to either “Alexa” or “Amazon”. Echo remote can be purchased optionally to use this device from a distance to control volume or use voice commands. Performance of this remote is worth adding price to it.

Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo Review

Brilliantly executed Voice Commands

Voice command can be effectively used to play or go back from the current position. You simply need to say “Alexa, play my book”, or “Alexa go back” to get to the music or track of your interest. Bluetooth pairing is easy and can be done by beginners using their voice with the command: “Alexa, pair Bluetooth”. In case you want to repeat anything, and simply say “Simon Says”, which is quite a fun command.

Other voice commands can be used to play music of your choice like “Alexa, play kids music”, “Alexa, play my 90s station on Pandora”. “Alexa, play American Pie”.

Portability helps in shopping

This device can be easily carried, so you can use this device as a tool to make a list of grocery or shopping items. You can then install the Alexa app to view your to-do or shopping lists.

Amazon Echo Alexa App

Your compassionate friend

Many users find Amazon Echo as a friend featuring timers and alarms to wake you up for meetings or when calls come. Calendar option allows user to check his schedule of Google calendar and organise his or her day accordingly.

Continuous updates would never let you get bored

Amazon continuously updates Echo by introducing new features and recently it added traffic reports, sports scores, Pandora, IFTTT, controlling voice over the Philips Hue smart lights and your home appliances.

Sound Quality is good

Amazon Echo’s sound is pretty loud and will drive you crazy. You can also customize your Amazon Echo by giving it a voice training to identify your voice in a better way. The Amazon Echo is quite popular and developers are taking steps to introduce more apps and features in. Definitely a keeper!

Note: This guest post was written by Aravind Rajendran

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