WaterField Designs Arcade Gaming Case Review – The portable Nintendo Switch (check out Craving Tech’s Nintendo Switch review if you haven’t) is an awesome gaming console that you can unhook from TV and carry with you while you commute.

However, you definitely do not want to just chuck it inside your backpack with no protection whatsoever. Its screen may get scratched and accessories get damaged if you just mix them with your other stuffs.

While you can get a nice & cheap Nintendo carry case over on eBay, it simply cannot beat the design quality of this Nintendo Switch carry case by WaterField Designs.

Waterfield Designs Arcade Nintendo Switch Carry Case-1 Waterfield Designs Arcade Nintendo Switch Carry Case-2

WaterField Designs are well-known for their well-crafted bags and cases like this CitySlicker MacBook Air Case and this time, it’s no different. The Arcade Gaming Case has the WaterField Designs’ famous, elegant, leather look and feel.

It’s made with a full premium full-grain leather, durable ballistic nylon, long-lasting waxed canvas, and super soft, plush liner. The shoulder strap is also included if you want to carry it over your shoulder. Or if you just plan to carry it with your hands, detach the strap and grab its handy, top handle.

Waterfield Designs Arcade Nintendo Switch Carry Case-6

The Switch console can be stored inside the front pocket which is protected with soft, scratch-free material and secured magnetically. Or alternatively, slip the Switch inside the main compartment which can actually fit the Switch itself and both JoyCon controllers.

Waterfield Designs Arcade Nintendo Switch Carry Case-4

The main compartment can also fit a Pro Controller, though I opted to carry 4 JoyCon controllers to our New Zealand holiday trip instead to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Just Dance 2017. Unfortunately, you cannot carry the Switch’s original Dock inside the Arcade Gaming Case (there’s no space for it) but it is designed so you can carry a Hori Playstand (purchased separately) and also a game card holder to carry all your games neatly. Thankfully, most of my Nintendo Switch games are digital so the extra space can be used for something else.

Waterfield Designs Arcade Nintendo Switch Carry Case-5 WFDesigns Arcade Case Nintendo Switch Case Contents

Nintendo Switch is not a cheap toy, and we’re glad that Waterfield Designs takes great care while designing the Arcade Gaming Case. There are plenty of durable layers mixed with soft materials to keep your Switch and its accessories from unwanted scratches. The main compartment is also securely closed with waterproof YKK zippers.

Waterfield Designs Arcade Nintendo Switch Carry Case-3

Nintendo Switch Arcade Gaming Case by Waterfield Designs is available for purchase at USD $109 with a few colour options: Black Ballistic with Chocolate Leather (the review sample I have here), Black Ballistic with Black Leather, and Waxed Canvas with Chocolate Leather.

It’s one of the best cases out there in terms of looks, protection, and compactness to carry your Nintendo Switch away. It’s designed for an arcade-style gaming such as to play on your own or while you are commuting on a train. Definitely recommended if you want to travel light while carrying your Nintendo Switch console.

Waterfield Design Nintendo Switch carry case

I actually carried my Switch inside the Arcade Gaming Case on a New Zealand Trip last week.

WFDesigns Arcade Case Nintendo Switch Case at Queenstown

If you want to carry the original Switch dock and more stuffs in for a party or local multiplayer experience in a friend’s place or on a trip, make sure to check out their Multiplayer Pro Case for Nintendo Switch instead.

Disclosure: Waterfield Design Arcade Gaming Case review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

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