February 2010 Traffic and Income Statistics

February 2010 Traffic Statistics

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary in March 2010: 45,745 visitors and 60,841 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Referring sites: 9,652 visitors.
  • Search engines: 31,036 visitors.
  • Direct traffic: 4,963 visitors.
  • Other: 94 visitors.

Total money made online in February 2010: $313.60

February 2010 Referring Sites breakdown

February 2010 Referring Sites

Nothing special for this month but I certainly glad to see some numbers of Stumbleupon traffic. I’ve got massive ones on my old domain before I moved it to CravingTech.com. Looking forward for more in the future. I know they aren’t quality traffic, but a traffic is a traffic.

PageRank: 4, Alexa: 60,090.

February 2010 Visitor Demographics

February 2010 Visitor Demographics

Money made online in February 2010

  • SocialSpark – $107.50
  • Google AdSense – $97.08
  • Private advertising – $60
  • Amazon Associates – $49.02

Total: $313.60

February 2010 Post Highlights

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